How to Care for Guiana Chestnut Leaf Tip Burnt & Trunk Root

Written by Maggie

Dec 16 2021

How to Care for Guiana Chestnut Leaf Tip Burnt & Trunk Root

The Guiana Chestnut is adapted to swampy regions and subsequently does very well planted along the shore of freshwater. It does prefer occasional soil drying, so don't plant in permanent standing water. There are many issues we need to care for when growing Guiana Chestnut. The following are some caring tips for Guiana Chestnut leaf tip burnt & trunk root.

Caring tips for growing Guiana Chestnut
Guiana Chestnut is one of the best trees for pots

How to care for Guiana Chestnut leaf tip burnt

When we care for Guiana Chestnut, if the tips burnt, it may be the result of too much light. We need to move it into the shade with careful maintenance. Soil consolidation should be a timely replacement of soil maintenance basin. Improperly watered roots should also be treated so that they can gradually recover. Suffering from aphids, leaf blight and other diseases and pests, it is necessary to treat the pathogenic branches and leaves in a timely manner and spray insecticides for prevention and control.

1. Light for Guiana Chestnut

Guiana Chestnut is supposed to be stored in the sunlight for 6 hours. If it is heated in the summer, the leaves will be dehydrated and the leaves will be burnt. When we care for Guiana Chestnut, please move the guiana chestnut into a cool place and water the leaves properly.

2. Soil for Guiana Chestnut

If the Guiana Chestnut pot soil is solid, it will be very difficult to absorb the water and nutrients from the pot, which will cause the tip of the leaf to burn. When we care for Guiana Chestnut, it needs to be dug out of the pot, reprepared into a container of suitable size, mixed with leaf mould, tree bark, coarse sand and so on, and then put into the pot for conservation.

3. Water and fertilizer for Guiana Chestnut

For the Guiana Chestnut burnt leaf tips, we need to control the amount of watering. When we care for Guiana Chestnut, it is best to take it out of the basin soil, to the rotten roots for processing, and need to spray antimicrobial Chestnut disinfection, replacing the basin soil in the sun carefully preserved.

4. Guiana Chestnut diseases and insects

Guiana Chestnut heated up gradually in the spring. It is also easy to suffer from aphids, leaf blight and other pests, will gradually make the tip of the leaf burnt, no matter for a long time or even may directly wither and die. We need to immediately improve the growth environment, and need to spray the plant to eliminate the saure emulsion, bordeaux liquid and other agents' control.

Guiana Chestnut

How to care for Guiana Chestnut trunk rot

If the Guiana Chestnut is not properly managed in the growing process, it will cause Guiana Chestnut to decay. If the tree trunk is properly handled, the Guiana Chestnut will gradually regain its vitality.

We need to stop water, and remove the basin. Dig it out and remove the soil around the roots. Take a bowl of clean water and place the root in it. Then you can see the rotting part of the root system. Then sterilized scissors are used to cut away where the tree trunk rots and the root system rots.

Then dilute the carbendazole solution by 2000 times and place it in the prepared pot. Then place the pruned area in the pot for soaking. Take it out for half an hour and leave it in the shade for about 1 day, and plant it after the wound is cool and dry.

When caring for Guiana Chestnut, choose the best with loose soil aeration of sandy soil. After planting, first place it in the cool and ventilated environment for about 10 days, and then move into the sunny place. The trunks of the Guiana Chestnut will sprout new leaves in twenty days.

Guiana Chestnut

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