How to Care for Guiana Chestnut Frostbite & Excessive Growth

Written by Maggie

Dec 16 2021

How to Care for Guiana Chestnut Frostbite & Excessive Growth
What if Guiana Chestnut plants frostbite or grow excessively? Here are solutions for Guiana Chestnut Care.

How to care for Guiana Chestnut frostbite

After Guiana Chestnut frostbite, we need to control temperature, and cannot continue to cultivate under the low temperature. Temperature can be adjusted to between 15 ℃ and 25 ℃.  Prune frostbite leaves and branches, with the right amount of daub erythromycin wound. We can spray gibberellin solution if the roots of cold need a manganese wettable powder to pour the roots.

Guiana Chestnut
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1. Raise the temperature

In the process of growing Guiana Chestnut, if it is frostbite, first of all, we need to increase the temperature to 15℃ ~ 25℃. If it is still in the low temperature environment, it will accelerate the speed of the death of Guiana Chestnut. So after the frost injury, we need to increase the temperature, relieve the frost injury phenomenon.

2. Trim winter leaves

If it is found that the leaves of a tree are seriously frostbitten and need to be pruned, trim away all the leaves that are exposed to cold and turn yellow. The purpose of this is to avoid the consumption and loss of nutrients. If the branches also have frostbite, they should be pruned appropriately.

3. Spray gibberellin

Check the guiana chestnut leaves carefully. If the degree of frostbite is relatively light, you don't need to trim, dilute the giblet in solution and spray evenly on the plant. Please stop watering during the period, until the plant frostbite off, then return to the frequency of watering.

4. Ethyl-manganese wettable powder for root irrigation

If the root system of Guiana Chestnut is also frost broken, we need to dilute ethyl manganese wetted powder with warm water after irrigation root, finally put it in the instigative ventilation environment. During the same period, it can not be watered, until the basin soil becomes dry.

How to care for Guiana Chestnut growing excessively

Guiana Chestnut’s excessive growth is mostly caused by insufficient light. Ensure adequate illumination. And too much water can lead to Guiana Chestnut moderate growth, as well as improper fertilization. Applying too much fertilizer will cause Guiana Chestnut branches excessive growth. We need to reduce nitrogen fertilizer. In addition, timely pruning is the most simple and effective method for Guiana Chestnut growing excessively.

Guiana Chestnut

1. Enhance the light

Growing Guiana Chestnut requires adequate illumination, but shouldn't be too strong. If the lack of sunlight for a long time, Guiana Chestnut will grow excessively. If it is the insufficient light that causes Guiana Chestnut moderate growth, we need to gradually enhance lighting for Guiana Chestnut.

2. Control watering

Guiana Chestnut does not like the too moist growing environment. If the long-term watering is too much, it will not only cause Guiana Chestnut long, but also easy to make the root water, the phenomenon of rotten roots. So control the watering amount and frequency. Water until it is dry again, when the pouring stops.

3. Fertilize correctly

In growing Guiana Chestnut, we always need to fertilize it. But if it is not the right way of fertilization, it is not going to help it grow. In the growth period, if fertilizer is applied too much, it will lead to Guiana Chestnut branches too long, appearing to be a phenomenon of excessive growth.

4. Timely pruning

If maintained properly, the Guiana Chestnut (1 ~ 2 years commonly clip just once), but if there is a moderate growth phenomenon, it needs to be trimmed in time. In  summer if the temperature is not high, we also can clip. Directly cut off the excessive growing long branches and leaves. But it's important to note that don't cut in winter.

Guiana Chestnut

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