How to propagate Zanzibar Gem

Written by Maggie

Sep 15 2021

How to propagate Zanzibar Gem

There are many different methods of propagating Zanzibar Gem. One of the most common propagation methods is seed propagation at ordinary times. We can remove seeds from mature fruit, and also can take out the most vulnerable part of Zanzibar Gem. For plant division propagation, gather the robust branches, insert loose and good soil drainage sticks inserted in the breeding. Zanzibar Gem can also use the leaf cutting propagation.

Zanzibar Gem

1. Sow propatation of Zanzibar Gem

In fact, there are many zanzibar gem propagation methods, the most common is the sowing propagation method. First we need to obtain the seeds of Zanzibar Gem, zanzibar gem every year in June to October, Zanzibar Gem fruit ripening, you can take out the seeds of Zanzibar Gem from the mature fruit.

Zanzibar Gem can be sown in autumn, 3 to 5 seeds on the soil, and then covered with a layer of 1.5cm of fine soil, a layer of plastic cloth. The appropriate amount of water spraying point, the environmental temperature is controlled at about 20 ~ 25℃, put in the astigmatism place to wait for the seeds to take root and germinate.

2. Plant division propagation of Zanzibar Gem

In addition to sowing propagation of Zanzibar Gem, we can also use division propagation. The survival rate is higher than sowing propagation. Generally it can be in spring and autumn two seasons for division propagation, from a strong Zanzibar Gem, tuber the weakest part of the splitter propagation.

The tubers extracted from Zanzibar Gem should be disinfected by applying sulfur powder and grass ash, and then inserted into the soil suitable for growth after waiting for the wound to heal naturally. The temperature should be controlled at about 18℃, and a week later, the tubers should be placed in a place with sufficient light for cultivation.

3. Branch insertion propagation of Zanzibar Gem

Zanzibar Gem uses branch insertion to reproduce the highest survival rate, and the growth rate is also very fast. Generally in April in the spring is the best, take a robust branch from the mother plant, keep the top leaves, the rest are all cut, put in a cool and dry place.

After waiting for the zanzibar gem wound to heal naturally, insert the branch into loose and well-watered soil, spray some water on the soil and leaves every day, keep the soil and air moist, make the branch easier to take root and germinate in the soil, and promote the growth of Zanzibar Gem.

Zanzibar Gem

4. Leaf insertion propagation of Zanzibar Gem

1. Pick the leaves

Zanzibar Gem can also generally use leaf cuttings, usually every year in the spring and autumn. It can be taken from the plant near the base of the green leaves, petiole should be about 3 ~ 5cm, cut the leaves in half, so that cuttings can greatly reduce the consumption of soil nutrients, so that it can take root quickly.

2. Preparation of basin soil

Usually in Zanzibar Gem leaf cutting method, prepare loose soil .Generally we can use leaf mold as a cutting substrate, otherwise if using peat soil, rural soil, coarse sand mixed as a cutting substrate, then it can promote the rapid rooting of leaves, so that it can be better growth.

3. Blade planting

It is possible to properly loose the soil and spray the soil with carbendazim solution, then insert the leaf petiole part into the soil and place it in the semi-shade environment. It is necessary to keep the soil moist all the time and wait for about 15-30 days, then the leaves of Zanzibar Gem will take root.

4. Cutting management

Generally, the leaves of Zanzibar Gem are inserted into the soil, and there is no need to immediately water and fertilize it, otherwise it will affect its normal growth. When the basin soil gradually dries up, it can be properly watered evenly, and when the leaves take root, then organic fertilizer is applied to the basin soil.

Zanzibar Gem

Zanzibar Gem hydroponic cutting propagation

1. Branch processing

First of all, from the healthy plants, pick a branch of 25 ~ 30cm did not suffer from diseases and insects, cut a knife at the branch wound, and then soak it in rooting water for five minutes, such a cutting water culture, can promote its rapid rooting, better growth in the water.

2. Prepare the container

Zanzibar Gem branches cannot be inserted into hydroponics containers for curing, or it will be difficult to take root. Generally, a glass container with a diameter of 5cm and a depth of 10-15cm should be prepared for hydroponics. Soilless matrix can be placed on the hydroponics container, and half of the water should be injected into the container.

3. Cuttings

Usually the zanzibar gem cutting water culture method environment, can increase the treated branches inserted into the container with water, but its roots had better not touch the bottom of the container, otherwise it will be difficult to root, and may make it unable to root. So when cutting water culture must pay attention.

4. Management

After Zanzibar Gem branches are inserted into the water, it is necessary to change the water source in a timely manner. Generally, it is necessary to change the water once every week, and drop a few drops of nutrient solution into the water every half a month, and then put them in the semi-shade for careful maintenance. After waiting for the branches to take root in the water, they can be normally maintained.

Zanzibar Gem