Caring tips for Zanzibar Gem

Written by Maggie

Dec 17 2020

Caring tips for Zanzibar Gem

During the period of Zanzibar Gem growth, its roots are easy to decay, then we need to immediately remove it from the soil, and a timely canker of roots, but also with charcoal, rural soil, coarse sand, organic substrate. In the warm sunshine, wait for the replacement of the soil dry after watering. Fertilize when it comes back to life again, which is conducive to Zanzibar Gem better growth.

Zanzibar Gem likes the environment with slightly dry heat, half shade and small annual temperature change. It is relatively drought tolerant, but it is afraid of cold and avoids exposure to strong light. It is afraid of heavy soil and water in the basin, and poor permeability in the basin may easily lead to tuber decay. 

Zanzibar Gem

Care for Zanzibar Gem rotten stem 

1. Remove during Zanzibar Gem rotten stems

First of all, the plant should be dug out of the pot soil, the rotten stems should be all disposed of, to avoid continuing to fester in the pot soil, resulting in the heat of its wilt. After the rotten stems are treated, Zanzibar Gem  can be sprayed with polycystic agents, put in a cool place for two days, so as to prevent its continued festering.

2. Preparation of new soil for Zanzibar Gem 

In fact, zanzibar gem rotten stem treatment is very simple, after its rotten stem treatment, but also to its re-preparation suitable for growth of the soil, generally need to give it with peat soil, pastoral soil, coarse sand, organic fertilizer mixed as a matrix, such mixed soil can make it gradually restore vitality.

3. Refill the basin for Zanzibar Gem 

The treated Zanzibar Gem should be restored to the pot for curing, and moved to a place with ventilation and sunshine for breeding. With the help of sunlight, its roots can adapt to the soil, so that its plants can restore green vitality. If it is in summer, then the best sunscreen measures are needed.

4. Water and fertilizer management of Zanzibar Gem 

Whenever the zanzibar gem rotten stem treatment process, do not blindly to the basin soil watering fertilization, need to wait for the replacement of the basin soil will dry water, waiting for the Zanzibar Gem gradually restored to life, in the application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer, at this time if blind water fertilization, will only make the situation more serious.

Zanzibar Gem

Analysis and care of Zanzibar Gem root rot

The reason for Zanzibar Gem rot root: Generally, the reason for pine rot root is caused by watering. 

Care for Zanzibar Gem root rot

Zanzibar Gem should be promptly poured out of the pot, shake off part of the soil, put in a cool place in the semi-shade for 1-2 days with new loam can be planted.With basin cannot too big, water cannot too often, when dry with basin soil 70% undertakes, must not have inflexible watering interval time, want agile watering.

If the root rot is serious, it is better to shake all the soil, and then soak in potassium permanganate or carbendazim solution with 500 times of liquid for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with water, and then air to dry the root system, and then replant it.

Zanzibar Gem