Zanzibar Gem growing and care tips

Written by Maggie

Sep 15 2021

Zanzibar Gem growing and care tips

The potting soil for Zanzibar Gem needs to be loose enough and acidic. Don't water too often, just keep the soil slightly wet. The light should be sufficient, but not exposed to the sun. Fertilization can be done every half a month, and topdressing can be done during the growing and breeding period.In addition, fertilization should be stopped in winter and dormant period. If there are insect eggs and hard pieces in the basin soil, soil replacement treatment is needed.

Zanzibar Gem

How to grow Zanzibar Gem

1.The choice of soil basin: If you want Zanzibar Gem to grow well, the choice of soil basin is crucial. Therefore, it is better to choose soil with good air permeability, good drainage and acid.If it is Zanzibar Gem, we can mix sand, cinder soil, peat soil, pastoral soil in proportion.

2. Correct watering: zanzibar gem is a drought-tolerant plant, so when watering it, we need to ration it according to the temperature. The water contained in the basin soil is better to dry some, not too wet, because the slightly wet soil is more conducive to the growth of Zanzibar Gem.

3.The degree of light: Zanzibar Gem is not very strict to the requirements of light, as long as it is not too dark, not too much exposure to the sun. Too much shade can cause the zanzibar gem to die or stop growing, and too much sun can burn the branches and leaves of the Zanzibar Gem, causing the leaves to turn yellow.

4, Fertilizer: If Zanzibar Gem grows well, then we need to fertilize it once a half a month in its growing period. In addition, we also need to apply some base fertilizer in the breeding period of Zanzibar Gem, which can greatly improve the survival rate and growth rate of Zanzibar Gem.

Care for Zanzibar Gem

1. Fertilizing Zanzibar Gem needs to be combined with the season. When it is in winter, a relatively cold season, we need to stop fertilizing, because the Zanzibar Gem is dormant at this time, and the absorption of fertilizer by the root system will weaken.

2. In the process of growing Zanzibar Gem, we need to pay attention to the soil. When the soil is hard or there are insect eggs, we need to change the soil, and wash the breeding basin when changing the soil, so as not to be stained with the remaining insect eggs.

Zanzibar Gem

How to care Zanzibar Gem in winter

To keep the Zanzibar Gem safe in winter, wooden boxes can be used to keep warm. This method is very suitable for outdoor cultivation of Zanzibar Gem. If it is placed in the indoor cultivation, it is best.

1. Keep the wooden box warm

If you want to grow Zanzibar Gem outdoors in winter, you can use wooden cases of appropriate height and size to cover Zanzibar Gem, so as to resist the invasion of the cold wind. You can also install a warm water bag inside, so as to keep warm. This method is also suitable for cultivation of Zanzibar Gem on the balcony.

2. Zanzibar Gem Indoor maintenance

When the temperature is below 8℃ in winter, it is better to move it into the room for curing, otherwise the growth of Zanzibar Gem will stop. If the temperature is below 0℃ and no anti-freezing measures are taken, the branches and leaves of Zanzibar Gem will be frostbite and wither. Therefore, it is better to move it into the room for curing in winter, and control the indoor temperature between 8℃ and 10℃.

3, Increase temperature for Zanzibar Gem

Indoor breeding is better to put it near the heating, so that the insulation effect will be better, Zanzibar Gem cold resistance is very poor. In winter if antifreeze measures are difficult to grow, you can also use lights or electric heaters to increase the temperature.

4. Using plastic bags to keep warm

Bind Zanzibar Gem can also use the plastic bags safe winter, use plastic bags to Zanzibar Gem, together with the pot cover up all bound tightly, in a few small holes on the side of the its, only when the water it every day to open a small Angle, and it needs to often take a breath ventilated. If in the plastic bag with plenty of water, that's already at the appropriate temperature.

Zanzibar Gem

5. Astigmatism for Zanzibar Gem

In winter, the cultured Zanzibar Gem can not be short of light. It needs to be placed in a sunny place every day to receive astigmatism, which can not only alleviate the cold but also make the Zanzibar gem grow faster. The best time for light is full sunshine, and if it is rainy, light can also be used.