How to propagate Swiss cheese plant

Written by Maggie

Oct 29 2021

How to propagate Swiss cheese plant

How to propagate Swiss cheese plants? There are three common propagation methods, namely sowing, division and cutting. All the three propagation methods can be used.

Swiss cheese plants

1. Sowing propagation methods of Swiss cheese plants

Before sowing, generally put the seeds in warm water at 40℃ for 10 hours, and at the same time, the soil should be disinfected at high temperature. The seeds of Swiss cheese plants are large, and can be planted on demand. After sowing, keep 20-25℃ at room temperature, cover the box mouth with plastic film, keep more than 80% humidity, generally 20-25 days after sowing.

If the room temperature is too low in the seeding process, it not only affects the emergence of seedlings, but also causes the seeds to rot like water stains. (Find more Vine Plants Indoor here.)

2. Plant division propagation method of Swiss cheese plants

The division time of Swiss cheese plant is generally carried out in summer and autumn, flower friends can directly chop down the whole branch of a large Swiss cheese plant, need to take part of the air root, directly planted in the bucket or pot, not only the survival rate is high, and the molding effect is fast.

Swiss cheese plants

3. Cuttage propagation method of Swiss cheese plants

The cutting time of Swiss cheese plants is in the new spring and autumn season. In spring, the top of strong plants can be selected as cuttings, with 2 ~ 3 nodes on it. Remove the aerial rooting, insert the leaves into the sand bed, shade and keep the moist environment, and root for 4 ~ 5 weeks at 22 ~ 26℃.

In summer and autumn, the whole section of side branches on the mother plant can be selected as cuttings, with partial aerial roots planted in the seedbed, which is easy to survive, grow quickly and breed quickly.

Swiss cheese plants

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