How to Care for Swiss Cheese Plant

Written by Maggie

Nov 19 2022

How to Care for Swiss Cheese Plant

The Swiss cheese plant is an evergreen vine, which is named for its leaves shaped like the back of a turtle and stems resembling bamboo in many nodes. In last few years in household bound, Swiss cheese plant can be said to be a kind of very popular web celebrity plant, no matter be restoring ancient ways Chinese style wind or Nordic clear new wind. A lot of people like to be in one's own sitting room or balcony, and put a basin of Swiss cheese plant. So how to care for the Swiss cheese plant? Let's look together!

Swiss cheese plant

How to Care for Swiss Cheese Plant Leaves Yellowing

The leaves of the Swiss cheese plant turn yellow. If not pruned for a long time, other parts of the leaves will also start to turn yellow and continue to absorb nutrients. Disinfect the tool before trimming to avoid infection of the wound. While trimming the leaves, you also need to find the cause of the yellowing, and then adjust the farming method to allow the leaves to grow normally.

Swiss cheese plants like to fertilize loose acidic soil with good drainage, which will lead to soil hardening and alkalinization after long-term watering. If the soil is not loosened in time, the drainage performance will become poor, which is not conducive to the respiration of the plants. If the soil is not absorbed in time after watering, the soil will become stagnant, the root will rot, and the leaves will turn yellow. In the daily maintenance, it is necessary to loosen the soil in time, and replace the basin soil when the soil quality changes.

Swiss cheese plants like moist environments. Water according to the growth habit of the plant. Evaporation is high in summer, and watering is needed to keep the soil moist. Generally a day water can be poured, and it can be poured in the morning and evening. Water should not be too much, so as not to appear in the pot water, affect the growth of the plant, so that the leaves yellow.

Swiss cheese plants like to be warm, it will make the leaves burn and turn yellow after being exposed to strong light. Nor should the plants be raised in a dark environment. Insufficient light will affect photosynthesis and make the leaves turn yellow. When growing, plants can be placed outdoors in the spring and autumn to receive full sunlight. In summer, appropriately shade it, to avoid exposure.
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Swiss cheese plant

How to care for Swiss cheese plant curly

The curly leaves in the Swiss cheese plant may be caused by excessive light, low temperature, improper watering or fertilization .In summer, when the Swiss cheese plant is sunburned under strong light, the leaves will curl. In winter, when the Swiss cheese plant is frostbitten, the leaves will curl. During the curing period, the Swiss cheese plant cannot grow normally due to too much watering or fertilization, and the leaves will curl.

1. Light

During the growth of Swiss cheese plants, leaves curl, which may be caused by too much light. Swiss cheese plant prefers a cool and ventilated climate and is intolerant of strong light. During curing, Swiss cheese plants will get sunburn if they are placed in a position with excessive outdoor light. The leaves of the Swiss Cheese plant will curl, turn yellow or dry after being sunburned.

2. Temperature

Swiss cheese plants do not tolerate cold. The phenomenon of leaf curl may be caused by low temperature. In winter, if the ambient temperature is too low, Swiss Cheese plants are prone to frostbite under low temperature. During winter, if the ambient temperature is below 5, the leaves of Swiss Cheese plant will gradually become soft, curly and yellow after frostbite.

3. Watering

Curly leaves in Swiss cheese plants may also be caused by improper watering. Swiss cheese plants are suitable for growing in a wet environment. However, the Swiss cheese plant is not waterlogged, so proper watering is needed during the growth period. During growing, too little watering will cause a lack of water in the Swiss cheese plant and the leaves will curl. If you water too much and your roots are damaged, the leaves will curl.

4. Fertilization

Improper fertilization can also cause the leaves of Swiss cheese plants to curl during curing. During the growth period of Swiss cheese plant, sufficient fertilizer is needed, but too little fertilizer is applied, the Swiss cheese plant is deficient in nutrition, and the leaves will curl and turn yellow in the later period. During the growing period, the root system of Swiss cheese plants was burned too much, so it could not absorb water and nutrients, and the leaves would curl.

Swiss cheese plant