How to propagate Ramie

Written by Maggie

Jan 11 2021

How to propagate Ramie

In recent years, the retro and ethnic styles have become so popular that you can see many people on the street wearing hemp clothing, one of which is Ramie. Ramie is also known as wild hemp, domestic hemp and white hemp. It was an important fiber crop in ancient China. Ramie is full of treasure. Ramie leaves are used as fodder. Ramie can be used to make paper and fiberboard; Ramie can also make wine and sugar; The fibers extracted from the degummed hemp shell can be used for textile. Furfural can be extracted from the husk scraped from fresh hemp skin. So, how to propagate Ramie? Let’s cook together!

Ramie's methods of propagation are divided into sexual and asexual. Sexual reproduction is also called seed reproduction, asexual reproduction is also called vegetative reproduction.


1. Seed propagation of Ramie

The advantages of Ramie seed propagation are as follows: Ramie seed is small, easy to transport, and has a large propagation coefficient. One kilogram of seed can be transplanted into 30-40 mu of hemp seedlings. The seedlings of hemp propagated by seed have strong life force and developed root systems. Meanwhile, seed propagating is not easy to spread diseases and insect pests. The disadvantage is that, since Ramie is a cross-pollinated crop, it is prone to natural hybridization, resulting in offspring separation and variation. Therefore, when propagating Ramie by seed, the first thing to note is:

Ramie seeds must be provided by agro-technical extension or scientific research departments in order to ensure their quality.

Ramie seed cultivation is generally done in spring and autumn, and spring sowing should be done in time when the average daily temperature is stable at 10℃. Because the cold air is active frequently in spring, the seedbed should choose the plot with leeward to the sun, convenient drainage and irrigation, and fertile soil. Seedbed preparation to be fine, to remove the weeds in the soil, furrow for the check, the bed flat, the bed width of 1 meter, the bed length of 10-20 meters, conditional can be covered in the bed 2-3 cm thick organic fertilizer, and soil fully stir even, with a wooden board lightly pressure the bed before sowing. When sowing, soak the seeds in water for 24-30 hours first, then, filter out the water and stir together with the Haywood ash evenly, the seed quantity of each mu of seedbed is controlled in 0.4-0.5 kg. We should bend low sow when sowing, achieve thin sow evenly sow, divide check quantity, sow after using the rubbish that sift fertilizer or millet husk to wait for right amount to cover seed, use asperse kettle to water again, make the soil of seedling bed gets sufficient wet, erect bamboo piece and cover thin film to heat preservation on seedling bed subsequently (if autumn sow, need seedling bed to set up cover and shade thing). After the Ramie seedlings are unearthed, timely weeding, thinning seedlings, watering, in order to promote the rapid and healthy growth of hemp seedlings, cultivate strong seedlings.


2. Shoot cutting propagation of Ramie

Shoot cutting propagation is an asexual propagation Ramie method commonly used in recent years, which has the advantages of convenient sampling, rapid propagation, no separation and variation, no disease and insect, and high survival rate. Cutting of Ramie shoots is generally conducted from early May to early July. The temperature is too low too early and too high too late, both of which will lead to reduced survival rate.

Cutting core technology is: materials, disinfection, ventilation, moisture, control mild dimming.

Before Ramie cutting, do a good job in preparing the seedbed, the soil should be fine, the seedbed is 1 meter wide, 20 meters long, the bed surface open small furrow for seedling, the spacing of the furrow is 10-15 cm, after the good furrow lay a layer of 2 cm thick fine river sand.

Select growth and tidy, no harm of diseases and pests of thoroughbred Ramie and hemp plants grown in the excise centers is about 1 meter, promote the growth of branches, when the branch length to 6-8 leaf, choice of sunny or cloudy morning dew slightly when, with a sharp single blade cut branch of the hemp plant tender tip, cut the tender tip of light on film, be careful not to squeeze, beware of injury and tender tip. Removed the tender tip with a thin film to the shade of finishing, finishing method is gently will each tender tip out full extension or half-open blade, leaving only has not yet been launched at the top of the small leaves, the length of the tender tip to control in 10 centimeters, finishing a good tender tip with concentration of 0.5% carbendazim water into liquid, disinfected immediately, and then wrapped in thin film, shady and cool place indoors, stay concentrated human cutting after five o 'clock in the afternoon. When cutting, use a small piece of bamboo to lead holes in small furrows on the beds, then stick the young shoots into the holes to a depth of 3-4 cm, keep 8-10 cm apart, stick to a full furrow immediately water with watering pot, wet the soil, and then arch the bamboo pieces on the seedbed, cover the thin film well, all around should be compressed, drill a small hole in the film, hang the thermometer.

Cutting seedlings before the establishment of roots every day at 8 am and 6 PM to open the film for air, combined with the air with a sprinkling kettle to sprinkle water, and then cover the film around the compact.

Before rooting, 50% carbendazim or 0.1% topoxins should be used for disinfection in combination with ventilation every two days to prevent the breeding of germs and rot of hemp seedlings.

When the temperature in the Ramie cutting season is relatively high, it should be noted that the temperature in the film should not exceed 32℃. Generally, the light should be maintained in the morning on a sunny day. When the temperature rises to 30℃, straw curtains or old sacks should be covered over the bow shed. Around 6 p.m., when the sunlight becomes weak, remove the covering, lift the film for air, sprinkle water, and then cover the film again and compacted. On cloudy days, the cuttings of 6-8 gastrodia elata began to take root, 12 days or so after the establishment of the root system of hemp seedlings began to cultivate, 20 days or so can be transplanted.


3. Transplant propagation of Ramie

When Ramie is transplanted, the hemp garden should be ploughed and improved with more organic fertilizer. According to different types of soil tillage fertilization, newly planted Ramie fertilization, concentrated band or hole fertilization is better. Generally, 50 kg of superphosphate is applied per acre, and 1500 kg of decayed livestock manure is applied to meet the needs of hemp seedling growth.

Ramie seed seedlings start to form radish roots when hemp seedlings grow 10-12 true leaves, and then transplant survival rate is high. The method of transplanting is wide and narrow strip furrow, that is, the furrow is used as the check, the surface is 110 cm wide, the furrow is 40 cm wide and the depth is 4-50 cm, two rows of hemp are planted on each side of the check, the rows are 15-20 cm apart, the plants are 15 cm apart, and the space between rows is 50 cm wide.More than 6000 seedlings were planted per mu.

When Ramie cuttings were transplanted, the density could be reduced to about 4000 plants per acre. After the hemp seedlings were transplanted, the fixed root water should be timely watered to improve the survival rate of the hemp seedlings.

After planting hemp seedlings in sunny days and high temperature, drought should be prevented, seedlings should be checked in time, and seedlings should be watered to preserve them. Due to the small size of newly planted Ramie seedlings, the number of roots is small, and the growth is slow. After returning to green, it is necessary to loosen the soil for many times, weeding and topdressing, so as to promote early growth and rapid growth of hemp plants.

Ramie seedlings transplanted after the first harvest hemp called broken rod. roken pole should be in hemp seedling transplant after 80 days begin, because of broken pole hemp yield is low, quality is poor, do not accept hemp to cut pole only therefore, cut hemp pole with sharp sickle.Covering the stem of the cut hemp leaf on the stump can prevent the direct sun exposure and protect the skin from high temperature.

Next season, when Ramie grows to 10 centimeters or so when carry on intertillage, apply urea 7.5 kilograms, potassium chloride 5 kilograms per acre, hemp plant grows to 30 centimeters when, apply urea 15 kilograms per acre, potassium chloride 10 kilograms, when autumn drought, should timely water drought, make Ramie seedling grow orderly.