How to propagate Pritchardia gaudichaudii

Written by Maggie

Dec 24 2020

How to propagate Pritchardia gaudichaudii

Pritchardia gaudichaudii stems like bamboo and leaves thick green and glossy; When flowering, the orange red inflorescence and amaranth fruit color bright, very striking, fruit period can be as long as 2-3 months. Pritchardia gaudichaudii can be placed in the bedroom adornment environment with poorer illumination, giving a person a resemblance to the feeling that enters bamboo forest; It is also popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan and is a great gift for celebration. How to propagate Pritchardia gaudichaudii? It normally has two propagation ways.

Pritchardia gaudichaudii

Division propagation method of Pritchardia gaudichaudii

The stems under the pritchardia gaudichaudii will produce new shoots as they grow, and the new shoots will be cut off from the mother plant and the other method of individual planting is called split-propagation. This method is usually suitable for around April when the plant is growing new branches.

Remove the plant from the pot first, shake off the soil, carefully observe the gaps between the roots, and use tools to separate the plant along the gaps between the roots.

Each Pritchardia gaudichaudii can not be divided too much, divided into 2~3 plants is appropriate. Divide evenly, so that the size of the separated plants is the same. At the same time, it is necessary to observe the distribution of roots and branches in each part to keep the whole separated plant balanced to increase the survival rate. At the same time, it is necessary to protect the root to avoid damage to the root and failure to survive.

After separation, it is necessary to pay attention to pruning, remove the rotten roots and leaves of the new plants, and then apply sulfur powder and other pharmaceutical disinfection at the incision to avoid bacterial infection. Finally, the sterilized plants were colonized separately.

The advantages of the method are that the survival rate of the propagated plants is high and the seedling rate is fast, but the disadvantages are that the propagating amount is limited and the operation amount is large. So it is not suitable for large-scale propagation.

Pritchardia gaudichaudii

Seeding propagation of Pritchardia gaudichaudii

Pritchardia gaudichaudii produces progeny seeds during the growth process. The method of collecting these seeds and then sowing them for reproduction is called seeding propagation. This method is generally suitable for plants from September to October when the seeds are mature.

The seeds of Pritchardia Gaudichaudii should be collected for sowing and then buried in the soil of the pot. Sow in time. Do not leave the seeds out for too long. Basin soil should have fertility and keep loose, had better be disinfected in advance.

When sowing, special attention should be paid to the temperature. After the temperature reaches 25℃, most of the new seedlings can germinate normally, while when the temperature is lower than 20℃, there is basically no germination of new seedlings.

New seedlings germination period is longer, generally three to four months, during the winter to pay attention to cold. Attention should be paid to the addition of urea and other nutrients after the new seedlings to ensure the healthy growth of new seedlings.

After growing to about twenty or thirty centimeters, you can choose healthy, fast growing seedlings for a new pot of colonization.

The advantage of seeding propagation method is that it can propagate in large quantities, but the disadvantage is that the seedlings have just grown, and it still needs some time before they can grow into a plant with high ornamental value.

Pritchardia gaudichaudii