How to Propagate Jelly Bean Plant

Written by Maggie

Nov 03 2021

How to Propagate Jelly Bean Plant

Jelly Bean Plant (Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen) is a kind of succulent Plant, which is easy to grow and also very popular. So how to propagate Jelly Bean Plant? Let's find out.

Jelly Bean Plant
Jelly Bean Plant - one of the best succulents for beginners

Jelly Bean Plant cuttings propagation

Stem inserted 

When you cut the Jelly Bean Plant, you cut off some branches and use them to grow into 5cm stems, or you can take other branches and leave a few pairs of leaves at the bottom of the Plant, cutting only the upper branch. Then leave it in the shade for 3-5 days to dry the wound a little before cutting. It can be inserted into the damp soil, but not water, and then wait for its roots, during which the lower leaves may wither and atrophy. This is because the roots need nutrients. In addition, cuttings can be placed in the air after she sends out the roots before being inserted into the soil.

Jelly Bean Plant

Leaf cutting

Remove some intact leaves from the stem and remember to place them on the soil for 3 days before leaf insertion. Then, just like other succulent plants, place them directly on the soil to keep a certain degree. In addition, the soil we choose had better add some bamboo charcoal, which is conducive to reducing germs and ensuring the success of leaf insertion. After the leaves have been inserted, it doesn't take long for small pieces of flesh to appear, along with red whiskery roots, which can then be buried in the ground and left to grow. This method is suitable for mass propagation, but is slow to take shape.

Jelly Bean Plant seeds propagation

Sowing time is best in 2-5 months. Then choose mature seeds to sow into the pot. Remember to carry out in the room, and the room temperature is controlled at 18~21℃. After half a month, it will germinate.

Jelly Bean Plant