10 best succulents for beginners to grow

Written by Maggie

Feb 01 2021

10 best succulents for beginners to grow

They say that succulent is easy to grow, but some people always raise succulent to death, but also helpless. Today, we have sorted out the best 10 kinds of succulents that are easy to grow, and suitable for beginners to grow.

1. Grow ghost-plant for beginners

Ghost-plant in the north open air safety summer is very easy, but in the south of high temperature and humidity,  it is a challenge. After the temperature reaches 35 degrees above, apply shading to the ghost-plant, control water control, and watering can be done 1 times a month.

10 best succulents for beginners to grow

2. Grow porcelain plant for beginners

Be sure to bask in the sun. Although the porcelain plant is easy to grow, it will grow in vain if the sun is not good. If you want the white Peony to grow compact, it is better not to pour too much water, water control is better, about 15 days or so water permeable. Porcelain plants can be very black and rot in the summer, so be sure to get good ventilation!

10 best succulents for beginners to grow

3. Grow Corsican stonecrop for beginners

Summer to be able to water, but to reduce the number of watering, you can water 2~3 times a month, and to water in the evening. Full sunlight is needed during the growing season to control the plant shape and keep the foliage compact and beautiful. General use of cuttings propagation, cuttings in a cool and ventilated place conservation, about 1 weeks will soon be roots, roots gradually moved to a better place to light.

4. Grow echeveria chihuahuaensis for beginners

In summer, slowly reduce watering, generally 2 weeks to 1 month watering once. Give Echeveria chihuahuaensis every spring to change the pot, and at the time of changing the pot, cut off the withered leaves or dead roots at the base of the plant and change the new pot and new soil to plant. Light, full sunshine curing. In the summer at noon, it needs shading treatment, avoid exposure.

10 best succulents for beginners to grow

5. Grow peacock echeveria for beginners

Full sunlight is needed to produce compact plants with pink edges on the leaves. Peacock Echeveria belongs to medium and large plants, therefore, generally 1~3 years will have to change the pot once, the diameter of the selected pot is 1~2 inches larger than the plant. Propagation can be beheaded, can also be lateral buds off cuttings, leaf cuttings are also very fast oh ~ at most half a month can germinate!

10 best succulents for beginners to grow

6. Grow blue Echeveria for beginners

In addition to the need for shade at noon in summer, the other time is best full sun!

Blue Echeveria watering generally needs to be dry and see wet, but summer watering must be careful, appropriate extension of 5~7 days of watering time, and to water in the evening.

The location of blue Echeveria ventilation must be better, otherwise high temperature and humidity in summer, easy to cause black rot. As soon as it's black, cut down the pole.

10 best succulents for beginners to grow

7. Grow Echeveria purpusorum for beginners

Echeveria purpusorum is very easy to grow. Watering is also more random, generally in the soil close to dry or half dry when pouring water, must not let the soil keep wet for a long time.

The soil can be configured in accordance with the ratio of 1:1 peat soil and granular soil.

In addition to the need for shade at noon in summer, other times can be full sunshine, in order to keep the color ruddy.

The summer temperature is 30 degrees, in addition to shade, but also to strengthen ventilation, moderate watering, about half a month to a month to water.

10 best succulents for beginners to grow

8. Grow Jelly Bean Plant for beginners

Whole growing period should make full light, of course, summer scorching sun time must shade, and can cause sunburn otherwise.

Jelly Bean Plant watering must be dry, see wet, before watering with a toothpick inserted in 2~3cm to have a look, if the toothpick is dry water oh!

In addition to shade in summer, but also to maintain good ventilation.

Generally more than 3 years of  Jelly Bean Plant type began to be scattered, and should be timely pruning control plant type. At the same time cut branches can be used for cutting.

10 best succulents for beginners to grow

9. Grow String-of-pearls for beginners

The String-of-pearls do not require much light, but they need at least 3 hours of light per day. When summer had better accept the light of morning and evening, accordingly, put in a thin balcony better.

In the growing period, keep the soil slightly moist, but can't water oh!

Generally 1 week water 1 time. String-of-pearls is very fond of water

10 best succulents for beginners to grow

10. Grow Graptopetalum Mirinae for beginners

In summer, when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees, water should be cut off and placed in a cool, ventilated place with bright scattered light.

In addition to the need for shade in summer, other seasons have full sunshine.

With soil can be used peat + river sand, or the river sand into other granular soil.

The growing season watering to see dry, see wet, that is, the surface of 2~3cm of soil dry after watering.

10 best succulents for beginners to grow