How to Propagate Forget-Me-Nots Flower

Written by Maggie

Oct 28 2021

How to Propagate Forget-Me-Nots Flower

Forget-Me-Nots Flower has two propagation methods: sowing propagation and tissue culture propagation. Sowing propagation is generally from September to January of the next year, the seeds have light, the seeds after sowing to slightly add soil, maintain humidity. Germinated for 10 ~ 15 days under the optimum temperature of 15- 20℃. Sowing propagation should pay attention to the temperature and should not exceed 25℃, the germination unearthed after ventilation, seedlings with more than 5 pieces of true leaves when planting. Tissue culture seedlings were planted with 4 ~ 6 leaves. The following are two propagation methods of Forget-Me-Nots Flower.

propagation methods of Forget-Me-Nots

Forget Me Nots Propagation from Seed

As long as the temperature is suitable, Forget Me Nots propagation from seed can be carried out throughout the year. Because the suitable temperature for seed germination is 15 ~ 20℃ (the highest temperature is not more than 25℃), it can be sown in early spring when annual cultivation is made in cool areas in summer. Annual cultivation in hot summer areas, more than autumn sowing. Because the germination rate of its seeds with shell is low, it needs to be rubbed before sowing propagation, and then sown after threshing, which can improve the germination rate. Sowing propagation time with leaf rot soil, garden soil each 4, sand soil 2 mix preparation.

Because the seeds are photophilic, the seeds should be slightly covered with soil after sowing propagation, but it is not appropriate to add too much soil, so that the seeds can not be seen by covering the soil. It can germinate after 10 ~ 15 days under the optimum temperature condition of 15 ~ 20℃ and enough humidity. After the germination unearthed, attention should be paid to ventilation. When the seedlings grow more than 5 true leaves, they can be planted.

Forget Me Nots Propagation from Tissue Culture

The explanations used in the tissue culture propagation of Forget-Me-Nots Flower include tender inflorescences, stem segments with axillary buds, or sterile buds obtained from seed germination. The medium for adventitious bud induction was MS+2.0 mg /L BA+0.2 mg /L NAA, and the medium for rooting was 1/2 MS+ 0.5 mg /L NAA. The suitable substrate for transplantation of test-tube seedlings was peat soil ∶ perlite = 1∶1. Planting should be done when test-tube seedlings have 4-6 leaves.

propagation methods of Forget-Me-Nots

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