How to propagate dwarf chin cactus

Written by Maggie

Feb 02 2021

How to propagate dwarf chin cactus

There are generally three ways to propagate Dwarf Chin cactus indoors: sowing, division, and grafting. Sowing propagation involves spreading Dwarf Chin cactus seeds into the soil. Dividing the Dwarf chin cactus pellets is done by breaking them off and planting them in pots. Grafting propagation involves selecting sticky wood and grafting Dwarf Chin cactus onto it. Now, let's look at these 3 propagation methods of dwarf chin cactus.

propagate dwarf chin cactus

Sowing propagation of dwarf chin cactus

The Dwarf chin cactus produces seeds when it flowers, so how does it propagate? It is natural to use the sowing propagation method. But the dwarf chin cactus seeds are tricky to obtain. Those who can pollinate them can do so themselves, while those who cannot can buy them directly.

1. Pollination for Dwarf chin cactus sowing propagation: Two pots are needed for pollination by Dwarf chin cactus. When the Dwarf chin cactus is in full bloom and all the inside buds are exposed, it is then cross-pollinated with a brush and seed is set. After a month, we pick the seed pod when it breaks open, and then we let the flesh of the fruit dry, and it shrinks and we collect the seed.

2. Sowing propagation of Dwarf chin cactus: Dwarf chin cactus like warm conditions, so planting in the spring and fall is best. Scatter Dwarf Chin Cactus seeds into potted soil on a clear day, then water moderately to keep the soil moist and in good light. By doing this, Dwarf chin cactus will soon sprout and take root.

Ball division propagation of dwarf chin cactus

1. Ball division propagation time: Because Dwarf chin cactus produces many pellets during the growing season, the propagation method of Dwarf chin cactus can also be used by ball division propagation. As for the ball division propagation time, of course, is the spring and autumn growing season.

2. Ball Dividing propagationMethod: Remove Dwarf chin cactus plants from pots, select strong, large balls with dark green color, cut them with a knife, and let them dry for 3-5 days. Plant the cuttings next to the sandy soil when the wounds are dry.

Grafting propagation of dwarf chin cactus

1. Grafting propagation time: As a cactus plant, Dwarf Chin cactus can be propagated by grafting. As for the grafting time, according to the experience of planting experts, it is best to choose between spring and autumn, when the survival rate of grafting is the highest.

2. Selection of sticky wood for Dwarf chin cactus grafting propagation: It is best to use a three-edged arrow to make sticky wood, select a branch that is not fully lignified, then cut it from the branch at 2-3 cm, and then cut it into a cone of about 1 cm.

3. Grafting propagation method of Dwarf chin cactus: use Dwarf Chin cactus as scion, and attach it flat to the sharp point of rootstock. Then pay attention to shade and control watering, keep the basin soil slightly wet, 10 days later, if the scion is still bright green that is grafted alive.

propagate dwarf chin cactus