How to propagate carnation

Written by Maggie

Feb 19 2021

How to propagate carnation

We can gather carnation robust branches 10 cm, insert it into suitable for the growth of the soil to carry on the cutting propagation, and it can be separated from the base budding ear, buried in the soil root and shoot, or to prepare fine carnation seed. The following are propagation methods of carnation.

1. Cutting propagation of carnation

When we carry out cutting propagation of carnation, every year when the carnation is growing vigorously, first of all, you need to pick a branch as long as 10cm from the robust growth of the carnation. The leaves on the branches need to be retained. After waiting for the wound to heal gradually, insert the soil suitable for growth, put it in the sun with a shading net to prevent sun, and wait a week to water it.

2. Bud spike propagation of carnation

Many people don't know how carnation propagates, but also can choose maternal plants to grow well, or buy untrimmed carnations, removing it from the soil of the lower leaf bud separation is ok, and then insert the loose soil, breathable and watered once every five days, waiting for it to grow new root and maintenance in the sun.

propagation methods of carnation

3. Sowing propagation of carnation

For carnation sowing propagation, we can also get their seeds from flowers or directly buy seeds to sow in the soil to reproduce. You need to choose a larger seed planting so that the seed survival rate is the highest, and then put it in the astigmatism careful maintenance, and every five days watering so that the soil to keep wet.

4. Layered propagation of carnation

Sowing and laying propagation belong to the carnation sexual propagation method, the survival rate is very high. First, need to cut the strong branches from the base of the carnation, do not cut too deep, and then spray the agent deep buried in the soil, waiting for the wound root after separating the mother plant, replanting in the potting soil.

propagation methods of carnation