How to propagate Arrowhead plant

Written by Maggie

Jan 22 2021

How to propagate Arrowhead plant

Arrowhead plant has lots of propagation methods, and the most common propagation method is cutting propagation at ordinary times, also is the highest survival rate of propagation method. Today we will talk about 4 propagation methods of Arrowhead plant.

propagation methods of Arrowhead plant.
Arrowhead Plant - Most Common House Plant

Cutting propagation method of Arrowhead plant

Arrowhead plant cutting propagation can be cut from May to October when the temperature is above 15℃.

Cuttings to cut stem apex 2 ~ 3 sections or stem middle 2 ~ 3 sections can be left to continue to germinate new branches.

The slotting machine can be rooting with river sand, vermiculite or moss 10 ~ 15 days after insertion.

Sometimes, the air humidity is high, and air roots have often sprouted on the stem nodes. Cut direct potted plants, put half shade maintenance. Some tendrils grow, stem stick to the ground and grow, its stem node adventitious root grows directly into the ground, only need to dig can be potted. 

Division propagation method of Arrowhead plant

How many people don't know Arrowhead plant propagation? Division propagation and cutting propagation are the arrowhead plant propagation methods, which are frequently used in the arrowhead plant every 2 ~ 3 years for double basins in soil. It can be separated from the base of the plant under the Arrowhead points strains of the plant, then the wound disinfection treatment, points strains, maternal respectively inserted into the basin of the soil conservation.

propagation methods of Arrowhead plant.
Arrowhead Plant is one of the plants that can grow in water

Sowing propagation method of Arrowhead plant

Arrowhead plant propagation by sowing is applied in the spring and autumn period and the two seasons. The first thing you need is to prepare Arrowhead plant good seeds, then the seed to the soil. We need appropriate loose soil, the seeds in the soil are more likely to take root, and the amount of spraying on the soil moisture, waiting for the seeds germinate can in the sun to normal maintenance.

Tissue culture propagation of Arrowhead plant

For tissue culture propagation of Arrowhead plant, firstly, the top and side buds of robust Arrowhead plant stem should be picked out. Then, carbendazim agent should be sprayed on the wound sites of Arrowhead plant and inserted into the matrix mixed with the mud and compost at a ratio of 3:1. Rooting can be induced by rooting water, indole acetic acid and benzyl amino adenine, and the roots will be formed in about 20 to 30 days.

propagation methods of Arrowhead plant.

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