How to Propagate Arrowhead Plant (Syngonium Podophyllum)

Written by Maggie

Dec 10 2021

How to Propagate Arrowhead Plant (Syngonium Podophyllum)

Arrowhead plant has lots of propagation methods, and the most common propagation method is cutting propagation at ordinary times, also is the highest survival rate of propagation method. Today we will talk about 5 propagation methods of Arrowhead plant.

propagation methods of Arrowhead plant.
Arrowhead Plant - Most Common House Plant

When To Propagate An Arrowhead Plant

We usually carry out arrowhead plant propagation when the temperature is above 15 ℃ from May to October. We can insert arrowhead plant to cut 2 ~ 3 nodes at the tip of stem or 2 ~ 3 nodes in the middle of stem, and keep new branches at the base to continue to germinate. River sand, vermiculite or moss can be used as the transplanting bed of arrowhead plant, and 10 ~ 15 natural roots can be planted after transplanting. Sometimes, when the air humidity of arrowhead plant is high, air roots often grow on the stem nodes. We can cut off the direct potted plant and put it in half shade for maintenance. Some are creepy and grow with long stems close to the ground, and the adventitious roots at the stem nodes grow directly into the ground. They can be potted only by digging. (Read more about taking care of Arrowhead Plant.)

Why We Shoud Propagate Arrowhead Plant?

  • Leggy Plant
  • Sick Plant
  • Root Rot Plant

Propagate Arrowhead Plant By Cutting

Arrowhead plant propagation from cutting can be cut from May to October when the temperature is above 15℃.

Cuttings to cut stem apex 2 ~ 3 sections or stem middle 2 ~ 3 sections can be left to continue to germinate new branches.

The slotting machine can be rooting with river sand, vermiculite or moss 10 ~ 15 days after insertion.

Sometimes, the air humidity is high, and air roots have often sprouted on the stem nodes. Cut direct potted plants, put half shade maintenance. Some tendrils grow, stem stick to the ground and grow, its stem node adventitious root grows directly into the ground, only need to dig can be potted. 

Propagate Arrowhead Plant By Division

How many people don't know Arrowhead plant propagation from division? Division propagation and cutting propagation are the arrowhead plant propagation methods, which are frequently used in the Arrowhead plant every 2 ~ 3 years for double basins in soil. It can be separated from the base of the plant under the Arrowhead points strains of the plant, then the wound disinfection treatment points strains, maternal respectively inserted into the basin of the soil conservation.

propagation methods of Arrowhead plant.

Propagate Arrowhead Plant By Seed

Propagating Arrowhead Plant By Seed is applied in the spring and autumn period and the two seasons. The first thing you need is to prepare Arrowhead plant good seeds, then the seed to the soil. We need appropriate loose soil, the seeds in the soil are more likely to take root, and the amount of spraying on the soil moisture, waiting for the seeds germinate can in the sun to normal maintenance.

Propagate Arrowhead Plant By Tissue Culture

For tissue culture propagation of Arrowhead plant, firstly, the top and side buds of robust Arrowhead plant stem should be picked out. Then, carbendazim agent should be sprayed on the wound sites of Arrowhead plant and inserted into the matrix mixed with the mud and compost at a ratio of 3:1. Rooting can be induced by rooting water, indole acetic acid and benzyl amino adenine, and the roots will be formed in about 20 to 30 days.

propagation methods of Arrowhead plant.

Propagate Arrowhead Plant In Water

Propagating arrowhead plant in water is a novel cultivation method in which arrowhead plant is directly cultivated in water. Arrowhead plant has strong adaptability, grows luxuriantly in the water, is clean and hygienic, has no diseases and pests, and is easy to operate. It is a good material for the greening layout of family rooms.
In the way of arrowhead plant hydroponics, we can use the branch hydroponics method, that is, cut 5 ~ 6 roots of branches with 3 ~ 5 nodes, and retain the aerial roots on the stem nodes. If the aerial roots are too long, 1 / 2 can be cut off. The cut branches should be washed out of the emulsion at the cut part, and put into the tap water of the transparent containers, where there is scattered light in the room. If the water temperature can be controlled at 24. C, new roots can sprout in 4 ~ 7 days.

How to Propagate Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead Plant is one of the plants that can grow in water

Arrowhead plant can also use the pot root washing method, that is, the arrowhead plant plants originally cultivated in culture soil or other media can be removed from the pot to wash away the culture soil or other media, repair the aging and withered roots, and then grow with water. At the beginning, the tap water must be changed once a day. When changing the water, the cultivation utensils should be cleaned, and the dirt and mucus in the plant base and Rhizosphere should be washed away until the new roots sprout, and then turn to normal maintenance.
During the maintenance of water propagation of  arrowhead plant, we should pay attention to changing the water. Generally, it takes 5 ~ 7 days in spring and autumn, 3 ~ 5 days in high temperature in summer and about 10 ~ 15 days in winter. When we change water for the arrowhead plant, we should clean the utensils and clean the roots.
Arrowhead plant likes semi shade environment, so we should avoid direct sunlight to plants. The suitable growth temperature is about 25 ℃. Under the heat of 36 ℃, it can still grow normally as long as the indoor ventilation is good. For safe wintering in winter, the water temperature shall not be lower than 10 ℃.

How to Propagate Arrowhead Plant

The pH value of tap water is 5.7 ~ 6.75, which is suitable for the needs of arrowhead plant for acidic environmental factors. The conductivity value (EC value) is 0.36 ~ 0.52, and the nutrients can basically meet the needs of arrowhead plant growth. In spring and autumn, the application of nutrient solution with appropriate concentration will make the growth of arrowhead plant stronger and the leaf color more bright. Arrowhead plant grew well in nutrient solution with conductivity value of 0.5 ~ 0.62, but fertilizer damage occurred when the conductivity value exceeded 0.7. Fertilization should not be applied during plant dormancy in winter and high temperature in summer.
When decorating the home, we should choose the appropriate hydroponic arrowhead plant according to the location and space of the room. For example, if decorating the top of the bookcase or the floor flower rack, we should choose the varieties with long internodes, easy to draw strips and hanging downward, such as arrow leaves with deep leaf cracks; For decoration of windowsill, low cabinet and dining table, syngonium imperial white with short internodes and strong clustering shall be selected; Pink butterfly, which is short and slow growing, is suitable for decorating desks, tea tables and so on.

How to Propagate Arrowhead Plant

As for the decoration of water propagation of arrowhead plant, we should also consider the lighting conditions of the placement position. Albe lineatum with green, white and yellow leaves should be selected in the window, because sufficient scattered light can make the color on the leaf surface more beautiful; In places with weak light, pink butterfly with light green leaves and purplish red veins and Silver Knight arrowhead plant with light green leaves and silver white veins are suitable.
Water propagation of arrowhead plant can not only watch the beautiful posture of the plant's stems and leaves whirling, but also directly see the mystery of root growth, which can not be compared with cultivation with culture soil or other media. Therefore, colorless and transparent glassware or plastic products with high definition should be selected, without or less engraving, or the upper mineral water or other beverage bottles can be cut off. In addition, transparent glasses, high foot wine glasses and large caliber food bottles can be used. If it is equipped with high-grade craft vases or utensils with strange shapes, it can better improve the ornamental taste. If we insert brightly colored and coordinated fresh cut flowers between arrowhead plant plants, it can also show its unique charm. The above is an introduction to the hydroponic culture method of arrowhead plant.

Arrowhead Plant Propagation Aftercare


We should water the newly propagated arrowhead plant more during the growth period, especially in summer. It needs to be watered fully to keep the basin soil moist. If there is insufficient water or drought, the leaves will become rough and smaller. In winter, we can't make the basin soil too wet, otherwise it will cause root rot and death or leaf yellowing and falling off. Do not use tap water as much as possible. It is more beneficial to irrigate it with warm and cool boiled water or clean rainwater. In summer and dry season, spray water on the leaf surface 2 ~ 3 times a day to maintain high air temperature and clean leaves, which can promote the growth and enrichment of arrowhead plant leaves, and have good ornamental effect.


During the growth period of arrowhead plant, we can apply thin liquid fertilizer once every 1 ~ 2 weeks and spray 0.2% ferrous sulfate solution once a month to keep the leaf green. If placed indoors, in order to increase the ornamental effect and make the white stripe of leaves more obvious, the application amount of nitrogen fertilizer can be reduced.


Arrowhead plant is suitable for growing in semi-shade environment and has strong adaptability to light. It likes to grow in non direct light environment. Only by maintaining sufficient scattered light can it grow vigorously and promote the normal progress of photosynthesis. If the arrowhead plant grows in a place with poor sunshine for a long time, the leaves will have no luster and weak growth.


Arrowhead plant is suitable for growing in a warm environment. The temperature shall be kept at about 15-25 ℃ as far as possible. It grows well in this range. In winter, we should keep arrowhead plant warm, and the temperature should be controlled above 5 ℃ at least, so as to avoid frostbite and ensure the safety of arrowhead plant in winter.

Learn more about ARROWHEAD PLANT CARE after propagating Arrowhead palnt.