How to Grow and Care for Arrowhead Plant

Written by Maggie

Nov 08 2021

How to Grow and Care for Arrowhead Plant

The Arrowhead Plant is very popular in recent years. When we grow it, the leaves may droop or yellow. How to care for Arrowhead Plant? Let's see together.

care for Arrowhead Plant

Growing Arrowhead Plant care for leaves drooping

1. Water care 

Although arrowhead plants like high temperatures and wet conditions, they cannot be immersed in wet soil for long periods of time. As a result, the roots can't breathe, and at worst, the leaves are droopy or yellow, and at worst, the roots rot and die.

Solution: When we grow and care for Arrowhead Plant, place the potted plant on a window sill or balcony in a ventilated place that can be exposed to the sun, remove the topsoil, be careful not to hurt the roots, and wait for the moisture in the soil to evaporate some, and then transfer it to the indoor scattered light for maintenance when the moisture is almost dry.

2. Temperature care

Arrowhead plant is a tropical plant, which is not tolerant to low temperature, and the optimum growth temperature is 22-30 ℃. When the temperature drops to 15℃, the growth is slow, and the stem and leaves stop growing below 10℃. Winter temperatures below 5℃ leaves appear to freeze.

The temperature dropped to 10 degrees overnight, and the leaves of my arrowhead plant didn't droop until the second day after the temperature dropped. The most likely cause of drooping leaves in the Arrowhead plant is low temperatures.

Solution: When we grow and care for Arrowhead Plant, during the day as far as possible on the shelter and can be basked in the sun, the night can give it to cover with a plastic bag to heat preservation, this time do not give him watering.

3. Light care

Arrowhead plant likes a semi-shade environment, under bright light, the leaves are larger and the color of the leaves becomes lighter; Under the condition of half shade, the leaf becomes smaller and the leaf color is darker. If it is conserved in a dark environment for a long time, it will lead to futility and elongation of stalks and petioles. Then, under the influence of gravity, the leaves will droop and appear loose, and the new leaves will become smaller, which will affect the ornamental effect.

Solution: If you grow it indoors, it's best to grow it in a sunny place. If not, it is necessary to regularly or every day to give more than 4 hours of light, and then at night with supplementary light. When we grow and care for Arrowhead plants outdoors, in the summer we will need to do shading measures.

care for Arrowhead Plant
Arrowhead Plant - Most Common House Plant

4. Fertilizing care

This evergreen plant itself has a large nutrient consumption. If the nutrient is insufficient, it is easy to lead to plant weakness, causing the symptoms of drooping leaves and yellowing leaves.

Solution: When we grow and care for Arrowhead plant, substrate should be used humus called river sand, mixed with organic fertilizer to do the cultivation substrate, the growth season must ensure that fertilizer, liquid fertilizer applied once a week, or half a month with a compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer is best used to hydration open irrigation, a small amount of urea water irrigation, which can make the leaf green more thick.

Growing Arrowhead plant care for leaves yellowing

① It is advisable to choose loose and fertile slightly acidic culture soil.

② During the growth period, the leaf is sprayed with 2 {BF} ferrous sulfate solution once every 15 days, or applied with alum fertilizer water once a month. Keep the soil moist and not too wet during the growth period.

Arrowhead plant likes high temperature and is not cold resistant. In winter, the room temperature should be kept above 10℃.

(4) Every spring change the pot, add new culture soil, add a small amount of base fertilizer.

care for Arrowhead Plant
Arrowhead Plant is one of the plants that can grow in water

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