Are Arrowhead Vines Safe for Cats

Written by Ivy

Dec 09 2021

Are Arrowhead Vines Safe for Cats
Arrowhead vines is a representative indoor foliage plant with beautiful and varied shapes. It is not only suitable for potted plants, but also suitable for bonsai production. As a household type of arrowhead vines, we need to know whether arrowhead vines is toxic.
Actually, arrowhead vines are poisonous to cats and most Araceae plants contain toxicity. Arrowhead vines' toxicity is mainly concentrated on stems and leaves. It is no problem to watch them during maintenance, but don't eat them by mistake, especially if there are children or pet cats at home. We must pay attention to safety of Arrowhead Vines.
Are Arrowhead Vines Safe for Cats

Common Signs for Cats Eating Arrowhead Vines

  • Drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Grabbing at the mouth
  • Oral pain
  • Lose appetite

What Parts of the Arrowhead Plant are Poisonous?

Are Arrowhead Vines Safe for Cats
Arrowhead vines juice, dripping water and rhizomes are toxic to cats.

Treatment of Arrowhead Vine Poisoning in Cats

Cats eating arrowhead vines by mistake can cause symptoms such as throat burning, numbness of mouth and tongue, mucosal erosion, edema, salivation, difficulty in opening mouth and so on.
The symptoms of arrowhead vines poisoning in most cats will be alleviated or disappear over time. If we want to reduce the pain of cats, we can choose cool liquids, pain pills or licorice and flaxseed foods. If the cat is particularly uncomfortable, we should take it to a doctor in time.
Are Arrowhead Vines Safe for Cats

Precautions for domestic arrowhead plant

Many friends are very frightened when they see that arrowhead plant is poisonous to cat and dare not grow it at home. In fact, although this plant is poisonous, the toxicity only lies in its internal juice and will not be distributed into the air with the air circulation. Therefore, we can maintain this plant at home. We just need to pay attention not to eat by mistake.
In addition to the beautiful plant shape, arrowhead plant is also a very excellent indoor plant, because its leaves are green and lush, and it has a very good effect of removing harmful gases such as formaldehyde and ammonia lamp. It can release oxygen under photosynthesis and improve indoor air quality, which is very good for our health. (Read More about caring for Arrowhead Plant.)
Are Arrowhead Vines Safe for Cats

1. Avoid eating by children or cats

For families with children, cats, dogs and other pets, it's best not to grow arrowhead plant. If you grow it, it's best to place the arrowhead plant where children or cats can not touch. This beautiful arrowhead plant with wide leaves is easy to arouse children's curiosity. Avoid accidental food poisoning.

2. Avoid excessive contact

During daily caring of arrowhead plant, we should pay attention to avoid excessive contact, that is, do not let its juice splash into our skin or eyes. Otherwise, it is easy to have discomfort symptoms. During maintenance, when pruning or cultivating the arrowhead plant, we should pay attention to wearing gloves and washing our hands in time.