How to grow Stapelia gigantea

Written by Maggie

Dec 04 2020

How to grow Stapelia gigantea

Stapelia gigantea needs nutritional soil, leaf soil, coarse sand, according to the proportion of 2:2:1 mixed matrix, and timely watering the soil. It is good to avoid the rain drenched soil, normally every 15 ~ 20 days a thin effect. Still it was bathed in sunlight, so that the Stapelia gigantea grows more abundant.

Stapelia gigantea

1. Preparation of basin soil for Stapelia gigantea

Stapelia Gigantea is a gigantea with strong environmental ability and not has very high requirements for the soil. It needs to grow in loose and fertile soil. Generally, it can be made of nutritive soil, rotten leaf soil, coarse sand and mixed in a ratio of 2:2:1 as the stromatolite.

2. Water properly for Stapelia gigantea

Stapelia Gigantea is a particularly drought-tolerant family that doesn't have a high demand for water. It is especially afraid of floods, so it is necessary to properly water its pots and soil in normal times, in order to avoid being drenched by rain. Usually, it can be evenly watered every other week, and drainage measures should be taken on rainy days.

3. Apply fertilizer rationally for Stapelia gigantea

In fact, Stapelia gigantea grows beautifully when it is full of nutrients. But if it is not full of nutrients and loses its color, then the best thing to do about Stapelia gigantea is to put a thin liquid fertilizer in it every 15 to 20 days, so that when it is dormant during summer and winter, it does not have to be fertilized to avoid burning roots.

Stapelia gigantea

4. Get plenty of light for Stapelia gigantea

In the process of breeding Stapelia gigantea, sunshine is essential. It needs to be bathed in the sun to grow and make its flowers bloom more luxurious and beautiful. If it is placed in a cool and ventilated place, it will not only harm the growth of Stapelia gigantea, but also affect its natural flowering.

5. Cuttage propagation of Stapelia gigantea

In general, Stapelia gigantea had a high survival rate by cutting propagation. In general, the strong stems can be separated from the base of Stapelia gigantea, and only 6 to 8cm can be cut out. They can be put in a semi-cloudy and ventilated place for 1 to 2 days to dry, and the stems can be inserted into the soft soil.

Stapelia gigantea