How to grow Sedum adolphi

Written by Maggie

Dec 03 2020

How to grow Sedum adolphi

In the process of breeding Sedum Adolphi, a mixture of peat, perlite and cinder is preferred as the cultivated soil.In spring and autumn festival and winter festival, the plants should be placed in a good position of sunshine for maintenance. In summer, it is necessary to pay attention to ventilation and shading.Watering to maintain do not do not water, water is irrigated thoroughly principle.

Sedum Adolphi

1. Loose soil for Sedum Adolphi

Sedum adolphi grows well in loose, breathable, well-drained soil.When potted, put some gravel in the bottom to help the root system drain away.The mixed soil of peat, perlite and cinder can be selected as culture soil.If the use of general garden soil,mix some river sand and mature cake fertilizer solution, in order to ensure that the root system has sufficient nutrition.

2, suitable watering for Sedum Adolphi

The root system of sedum adolphi contains a lot of water, so you shouldn't water too much at ordinary times.Water when the soil driy thoroughly in spring and autumn two seasons. When in the hot summer increases water frequency appropriately, but cannot bring about the accumulation of water inside the basin.Pour into a permeable water after autumn, and do not water in the winter when the temperature is low.

Sedum Adolphi

3. Environmental management of Sedum Adolphi

Environmental management is a basic requirement in how Sedum Adolphi is nourished.Sedum Adolphi likes to grow in a sunny environment. It needs to be ventilated and shaded in summer to avoid sunburn.Spring and Autumn festival should give sufficient illumination processing, and it cannot be shadeed.In the case of high temperature in summer, it is necessary to spray water around to cool down frequently. In winter, when the temperature is lower than 5℃, it is necessary to carry out light-replenishing and heating treatment.

4. Apply fertilizer rationally for Sedum Adolphi

Sedum Adolphi likes to grow in a nutrient matrix.But avoid thick fertilizer and raw fertilizer, mainly to thin liquid fertilizer. Apply thin cake fertilizer water in its growth season. Before the winter, apply a thin organic fertilizer, stop fertilization in winter.Each fertilization should be treated with loose soil to facilitate the absorption of roots.

Sedum Adolphi