Sedum Adolphi profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 03 2020

Sedum Adolphi profile

Sedum Adolphi is a perennial subshrub of the genus Sedum in the Sedum family. It’s much branched, stems straggling or erect, ca. 10-30 cm high.Spring and Autumn is the growth season;In summer, the growth slows down during the high temperature period, so the watering amount needs to be controlled, and the plants need to be properly shaded for open curing. In winter in 5 degrees Celsius above ambient temperature, it can be safe.

Sedum Adolphi picture

Sedum Adolphi

Morphological characteristics of Sedum Adolphi

Sedum adolphi leaves are imbricate, usually lanceolate or obovate, 1.2-3.0 cm long, apex acute or slightly pointed, spaced, arranged in a keel-like manner. Inflorescences are umbels, pedicels ca. 0.6-1.0 cm long.

Flowers are five-petalled, sepals usually sessile, triangular to globose, apex apiculate. Flowers are about 0.15 cm long and 0.1 cm wide. Petals are elliptic, apex slender, with short pointed white, about 0.75 cm long.

Sedum Adolphi recognizes features

Erect tufted, medium - sized species, leaf cuttings and beheadings

The simple sense with the bright oil mask of Sedum Adolphi, the season with big difference in temperature if sunshine is sufficient, leaves an orange edge. 

Sedum Adolphi growing environment

Sedum Adolphi takes on completely different colors and shapes under different lighting conditions.In the environment with sufficient sunlight, the leaf edges or the whole plant were golden to orange. In the environment with strong sunlight, the whole plant was orange or orange-red. In the environment with insufficient light, the leaves were green and the leaf spacing was elongated (long).

Sedum Adolphi prefers a sunny, warm, and relatively dry environment.When curing, water should not be poured too much, each watering interval should be at least 1 week.It is best to use loose and breathable sandy soil when planting, otherwise easy to rot roots.

In spring, autumn, summer three seasons, Sedum Adolphi  can be placed outside. In summer high temperatures pay attention to reduce the frequency of watering or stop watering, appropriate shade to prevent burns. The temperature should not fall below 10 degrees in winter.

Sedum Adolphi

Distribution range of Sedum Adolphi

Sedum Adolphi is found in Mexico (Veracruz State).

Sedum Adolphi reproduction method

Sedum Adolphi can be propagated by cutting branches or leaves.Higher reproductive success rate.

Sedum Adolphi