How to grow Prunus Triloba from a seed

Written by Maggie

Jan 07 2021

How to grow Prunus Triloba from a seed

When growing Prunus Triloba from a seed, you can choose some seeds with good quality first and soak the seeds in warm water for about 24 hours. You can prepare a basin of suitable soil for the seeds when soaking the seeds. After soaking the seeds, you can plant the seeds in the soil. The following are details of how to grow Prunus Triloba from a seed.

Prunus Triloba

1. Prunus Triloba seed selection

The quality of the seed depends on how it grows later. Seeds as far as possible to choose full particles, no insect pests, the style of fruity as a breeding object. Because the probability of success of such seed is bigger, the quality that later period grows comes out is better, won't appear problems.

2. Soil for Prunus Triloba

Prunus Triloba does not have a high requirement for soil, so it can be prepared with loose soil, certain air permeability, field soil and leaf rot soil to ensure that the soil has a certain degree of fertility, and the seeds can be soaked in warm water for about 24 hours to promote the germination of the seeds.

Prunus Triloba

3. Growing Prunus Triloba seeds 

The sowing time should be in mid-October or late April, which is the best time for sowing. Then take out the soaked seeds and plant them in the prepared soil after they are completely dry. Planting should not be too deep, about two centimeters deep, then cover the seeds with loose soil.

4. Maintenance after growing Prunus Triloba seeds 

After planting good start pay attention to maintenance, first poured water to it, and then wait until the soil is slightly dry when the next watering, watering of avoid by all means is too frequent and water, the soil in a cool ventilated place, about a week's time can observe it sprouts, usually half a month or so can sprout.

Prunus Triloba