How to grow Orostachys boehmeri

Written by Maggie

Mar 30 2021

How to grow Orostachys boehmeri

Orostachys Boehmeri, a genus of succulent, is a highly characteristic succulent variety. Some flower friends are not clear how to raise Orostachys Boehmeri. In fact, Orostachys Boehmeri maintenance method is simple and crude, usually just paying attention to some points and it can be successfully grown ~ let's take a look!

Orostachys Boehmeri

Cultivation methods of Orostachys Boehmeri

Orostachys boehmeri is a "seed" succulent plant. In summer it grows fast, fast heat, and water demand is big. In spring, summer, autumn three seasons all should according to the principle of dry-wet alternate water. In winter low temperatures, it comes into dormancy. It is cold resistant, placing outdoors is okay (minus 5 degrees or so can open). When can control the dormant status by controlling the water when indoor breeding.

Orostachys boehmeri prefers strong light, weak light, scattered leaves and even long stems if lacks of light. When we grow Orostachys Boehmeri, it should be noted that the leaves in the growing period are indeed scattered, but it is very easy to distinguish from the non-growing period, depending on how long the neck is stretched out.

In terms of orostachys Boehmeri's reproduction, it is easy for orostachys boehmeri to produce many young plants. During reproduction, the lateral buds (as far as possible, rooting) should be cut off and planted in the soil. In other words, after planting, they should be preserved in an astigative area.

Orostachys Boehmeri

Four seasons maintenance of Orostachys Boehmeri

Orostachys Boehmeri grows in the spring and fall season. We can give it enough water, with soil close to dry and can be watered thoroughly. In summer Orostachys Boehmeri comes into dormancy, we should pay attention to water control, watering a little is good (Orostachys Boehmeri comes into dormancy, and leaves will be wrapped up, very obvious, like a small cabbage). The watering time may choose the winter near the noon time when it is warmer and the summer afternoon or evening time when is cooler.

When we grow Orostachys Boehmeri in the summer, when the temperature is above 30℃, we can put Orostachys Boehmeri to the bright without direct light, enhanced ventilation. Water less and watering time can be chosen at night. If Orostachys Boehmeri leaves wrapped, it is into the dormant period, and pay attention to reduce the amount of watering.After the summer, wait for Orostachys Boehmeri leaves to spread out and enter the growing season, then gradually increase the light.

When we grow Orostachys Boehmeri in winter, winter temperature should not be less than 0℃, Orostachys Boehmeri can generally continue to grow, then move into the indoor winter, try to choose the indoor sun, and can reduce the amount of watering.

Orostachys Boehmeri