Orostachys Boehmeri profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 07 2020

Orostachys Boehmeri profile

Orostachys Boehmeri, native to Japan and Russia, is a hardy, light-like, cold and damp tolerant species that grows rapidly in spring, summer and fall and hibernates in winter.Orostachys Boehmeri leaf shape has beautiful color, bright color, simple reproduction and easy maintenance, which has certain ornamental value.

Orostachys Boehmeri picture

Orostachys Boehmeri

Orostachys Boehmeri morphological characteristics

Orostachys boehmeri is perennial, solitary, 2-5 cm in diameter, leaves rosettes in the first year, stems unbranched from central rosette in the second year, rosette globose, stolons growing from axils, ca. 6 cm long, pale green, glabrous;New plants germinate from stem nodes, the maximum about 10 cm, after the cluster plant width up to 30 cm.Leaves are fleshy, purple-gray, obovate, spatulate or elliptic, 2.5 -- 3.5 cm wide, 0.5 -- 1.5 cm long, apiculate, base gradually coarsely, entire, glabrous, with powdery white.

Thyrses are terminal, ca. 15 cm tall, five-cardinal flowers, florets pale yellow or white, densely numerous, bracts ovate or narrowly triangular, 4.5 mm long, green;Flowers are almost sessile, sepals triangular, ca. 3 mm, sepals basally connate, shorter than petals;Petals are elliptic, free or linear, 4-5 mm long;Stamens are longer than petals, anthers red.Scales are small, oblong, apex truncate;The ovary is superior, carpels stalked, base tapering, erect, style slender;Ovules numerous, forming a lateral membranous placenta.

Follicles are very small, not easy to find, follicles separated, apex beaked, many seeds;Solitary plants wither after flowering. Flowering period is september-November.

Orostachys Boehmeri growth environment

Orostachys Boehmeri is a hardy, light-loving, cold - and wet-resistant species that begins to hibernate in summer when temperatures exceed 30 ° C.In spring, summer and autumn, the growth is rapid, but the appearance is not beautiful. In winter dormancy state,it will achieve the best ornamental effect.It can survive in the cold state. In winter if the temperature is not less than minus 28℃, it can be a safe winter. 

Orostachys Boehmeri distribution range

Orostachys Boehmeri is native to western Hokkaido, Japan, eastern Honshu, and Primorsky Krai, Russia. 

Orostachys Boehmeri

Orostachys Boehmeri breeding method

The seeds of orostachys boehmeri mainly rely on cuttings propagation. The growing season will be slightly larger seedlings picked down on the soil surface. Rooting speed is faster, easy to succeed.Individual leaf blade insertion can also be propagated. Mature leaves falling from the ground can also take root and grow into new plants with sufficient water. 

Orostachys Boehmeri's main value

Orostachys Boehmeri has beautiful shape, rapid growth, simple reproduction, and different state in different seasons, but the single plant dies after flowering, so it has certain ornamental value.Orostachys Boehmeri is suitable for hanging pot planting or direct planting, amd can be used for indoor greening or outdoor landscaping.But potted is unfavorable to be placed next to computer TV, and this kind cannot prevent radiation.

Orostachys Boehmeri