How to grow Haworthia cooperi

Written by Maggie

Dec 03 2020

How to grow Haworthia cooperi

To cultivate Haworthia Cooperi, it is necessary to focus on porous soil and add a small amount of basal fertilizer into the culture matrix.Daily watering can be in accordance with the dry wet alternate method, to avoid water in the basin.The fertilizer of daily choice can give priority to nitrogen fertilizer, keep the fruity of the leaf.Strong light should be avoided in the breeding process. The temperature environment can be between 15℃ and 28℃.

Haworthia Cooperi

1, Soil for Haworthia Cooperi

As haworthia cooperi is a rare product, we must pay special attention to it in daily breeding.It is best to choose soil with high porosity and permeability.Small amounts of basal fertilizer can be added to humus or sandy soils to replenish the soil and to replace the soil every one to two years.

2, Water for Haworthia Cooperi

Water is also crucial in the cultivation of Haworthia Cooperi.Haworthia Cooperi likes a dry growing environment and should not water too much on a daily basis.According to the method of wet and dry alternate watering, watering the soil at one time.Make sure not to place Haworthia Cooperi outside during the rainy season, otherwise water in the basin will easily lead to root rot.

Haworthia Cooperi

3, Fertilizer for Haworthia Cooperi

The requirements of Haworthia Cooperi for fertilizer are not very strict. It only needs fertilization in spring and autumn to promote the growth of plants.During other seasons it does not need to be fertilized, fertilizer can be based on nitrogen.This can keep the leaves round and green and improve the ornamental ability of the plant.

4. Illumination temperature for Haworthia Cooperi

Haworthia Cooperi cannot be placed in a direct solar environment and can receive daily astigmatism irradiation.In summer it's better to be put in the environment of half shade. If given too strong light, the leaf moisture of the plant evaporates too fast, appearing a withered phenomenon easily.The daily temperature can be kept between 15℃ and 28℃.

Haworthia Cooperi