Haworthia Cooperi profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 03 2020

Haworthia Cooperi profile

Haworthia Cooperi is a succulent perennial herb of the 12 volar genera of liliaceae.Its fleshy leaves are crystal clear, as clear and transparent as an ice lamp.

Haworthia Cooperi picture

Haworthia Cooperi

The distribution of Haworthia Cooperi

Haworthia Cooperi is a kind of fine variety with obvious excellent characteristics, which can be cultivated in many places in the world after repeated mutual pollination, sowing, seedling raising and screening.

Morphological characteristics of Haworthia Cooperi

Haworthia Cooperi belongs to the 12 rolls of succulent perennial herbs of the Liliaceae family.Its leaves are crystal clear, shaped like an ice lamp.Haworthia Cooperi plants were large and compact, with single plant diameter (7 ~ 10 cm) and few lateral buds.The whole plant is purple, leaf blade and has linear veins. The leaf margin has burr, without top hairs, full and thick, well-arranged, window surface lines are clear. 

Haworthia Cooperi growth habit

Haworthia Cooperi prefers a cool, airy, well-drained semi-shaded environment.In the summer, pay attention to appropriate shade and without long time high temperature exposure.Due to its cell hypertrophy, slow heat dissipation, also pay attention to ventilation cooling at night.The optimum growth temperature of haworthia cooperi is 15℃ ~ 28℃. Temperature above 35℃ or below 5℃ will cause harm to the growth of Haworthia Cooperi. 

Haworthia Cooperi

Haworthia Cooperi method of propagation

Since Haworthia Cooperi could hardly sprout lateral buds, the propagation speed of Haworthia Cooperi was extremely slow.In order to ensure the good character of the mother, its reproduction can only rely on beheading or leaf insertion reproduction.

Haworthia Cooperi growth environment

Haworthia Cooperi is suitable for small pot plants, which are displayed in windowsill, desk, desk, balcony, etc.It likes cool half shade environment, and the main growth period is in spring, autumn season, drought resistant. Avoid high temperature and humidity and hot sun exposure. Haworthia Cooperi is afraid of shade and soil water.

Haworthia Cooperi application

Haworthia Cooperi is a green plant to purify the air. It can not only absorb harmful gases in the air, such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, etc., but also release fresh oxygen, allowing people to breathe fresh air, strengthen their resistance, and make their bodies healthier.

Haworthia Cooperi