How to grow Gymnocalycium baldianum

Written by Maggie

Dec 08 2020

How to grow Gymnocalycium baldianum

In order to learn the breeding method and precautions of Gymnocalycium Baldianum, the correct watering method should be first used, the preparation of soil should be paid attention to, sufficient sunlight should be given to the soil, and proper fertilization should be carried out.It is necessary to change the soil in time, pay attention to ventilation and ventilation, and repair the roots when planting, and do not need watering in winter, so that it can be well maintained.

Gymnocalycium Baldianum

1. Breeding method of Gymnocalycium Baldianum

1. Watering method

Gymnocalycium Baldianum does not need too much water and can be watered twice a week under normal conditions.However, it should also be judged according to the actual situation. The simplest method is to touch the rib of gymnocalycium baldianum with your hand, although it has thorns, it is not very pricking.If it feels soft, water it and make sure you water it thoroughly at once.

2. Soil preparation

Gymnocalycium Baldianum grows best under alkaline sandy soil, which can be mixed evenly with pastoral soil, leaf mould and fine sand, or directly with universal nutrient soil.

3. Plenty of sunshine

Sufficient sunlight can make Gymnocalycium baldianum expel more beautiful flowers. During family breeding, it must be moved out for sunshine, except for shade in summer.The rest of the season is open to direct sunlight.

4. Fertilization

Top dressing can be carried out after flowers at Gymnocalycium baldianum. Generally, thin and mature fertilizer can be used. Surplus rice washing water can be used to ferment self-made fertilizer after fermentation, which is very simple and convenient.Fertilization at Gymnocalycium baldianum requires attention in the breeding method and matters needing attention.

Gymnocalycium Baldianum

Matters needing attention for breeding Gymnocalycium Baldianum

1. Replace the soil

When Gymnocalycium baldianum grows to a certain level, the flowerpot cannot hold Gymnocalycium baldianum, it should be changed in spring.At the same time, the soil should also be replaced by half, it is best to add a small amount of base fertilizer, bean cakes or sesame paste residue can be.

2. Pay attention to ventilation

In hot summer, in addition to shading work for Gymnocalycium baldianum, it should be often moved out for ventilation. Long-term indoor air circulation will lead to poor growth of Gymnocalycium baldianum, or even failure to blossom.

3. Transplanting and repairing roots

At the time of Gymnocalycium baldianum transplanting, it is best to perform root pruning and keep a good root system, so as to avoid the occurrence of rotten root phenomenon during breeding, which affects the normal growth and development of Gymnocalycium Baldianum.

4. Not watering in winter

In the eastern season, it is not necessary to water Gymnocalycium Baldianum, because Gymnocalycium baldianum itself likes dry environment. In addition, in winter, Gymnocalycium Baldianum is basically in dormant period, so it does not need watering, and watering will break its dormant period, which is not conducive to growth.

Gymnocalycium Baldianum