How to grow Echeveria purpsorum

Written by Maggie

Dec 07 2020

How to grow Echeveria purpsorum

The breeding speed of Echeveria purpsorum is very fast. Many flower friends just pot it because of its breeding speed, and breeding to a certain degree, very ornamental value, then how to raise the Echeveria purpsorum?In fact, it is necessary to change pots and soil every year, and then water and fertilize frequently, and pay attention to the environmental temperature problems, so that the cultivation of Echeveria purpsorum can be done. Moreover, a pruning method or pot selection method can be used to blast the pots.

Echeveria purpsorum

1. Change pots and soil for Echeveria purpsorum

Every year we need to change the basin for Echeveria purpsorum, convenient to Echeveria purpsorum reproductive growth, with a good living environment, but also need to change soil. Echeveria purpsorum has very big demand for nutrients, and the ability to reproduce very quickly. It needs a lot of nutrients, and each time the change of the soil had better peat soil and coarse sand mix proportion to the amount of 5-2, then add a small amount of bone meal to satisfy Echeveria purpsorum nutritional requirements.

2. Water Echeveria purpsorum often

Echeveria purpsorum is different from other succulent, and is afraid of dryness, because it has strong breeding ability and needs sufficient water. So it needs watering once a week. It should be noted that each watering should not be watered too much, and the leaves should not be watered, otherwise it is easy to suffer from black spot disease, affecting the overall appearance of Echeveria purpsorum.

Echeveria purpsorum

3. Fertilize appropriately for Echeveria purpsorum

Echeveria purpsorum needs a lot of nutrients, not only depend on soil fertile, feed it more, so that it will catch up with nutrition, every other month to give it a effects, but every time can't over fertilizing and don't will tarnish foliar fertilizer fluid, otherwise will grow on the leaf of other colors, affect the whole beautiful, and may cause Echeveria purpsorum death.

4. Environmental requirements of Echeveria purpsorum

Why do a lot of friends don't know about Echeveria purpsorum breeding? They don’t pay attention to the environmental issues of plants. Echeveria purpsorum likes the sun, the sun makes it produce more quickly, but not in the strong sunlight exposure, and needs to be ventilated. We can move Echeveria purpsorum to the balcony. When breeding indoors,give  ventilation and abundant sunshine.

Echeveria purpsorum