Echeveria purpsorum profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 07 2020

Echeveria purpsorum profile

Echeveria purpsorum is a succulent plant of the genus Echeveria in the Chloridaceae family.Fleshy leaves arranged in compact rosette, broadly ovate to scattered triangular-ovate, abaxially raised keel-shaped, 3 to 4 cm long by 3 cm wide, apex acute.The leaves are gray-green, dotted with reddish - brown markings.Inflorescences ca. 30cm high.The flowers are red and yellow at the top.Reproduction can be done by leaf insertion, which allows you to see a leaf sprout from the base and grow into a single plant.

Echeveria Purpsorum picture

Echeveria Purpsorum

Morphological characteristics of Echeveria Purpsorum

The leaves of Echeveria purpsorum are clear, grayish-green, evenly dotted with dark red markings, raised and brown at the keel of the back, triangular-ovate, apex acute, 3-4 cm long.Rosette is 8-12 cm in diameter.Flowers are 10-12 mm long, bright red.

Echeveria purpsorum is a succulent perennial herbs, 5 ~ 10 cm tall, 10 ~ 15 cm in plant width, leaves densely alternate, triangular-ovate, entire, apex acute, rosette, gray-green, reddish brown spotted.It has dense rosette leaf, layer upon layer, different light environment, showing different color, quite interesting.

Echeveria Purpsorum leaves are triangular-ovate, with keel-shaped dorsum, apex acute, arranged in a compact, standard rosette.Under normal circumstances the leaf color is gray-green, full of beautiful reddish brown stripes;In the light, low temperature or large temperature difference between day and night environment, the leaf margin will become reddish brown, reddish-brown markings are more obvious.In late spring, flowers are red.The growth rate is very slow, it is not easy to grow, and it is not easy to form old piles.

The growth environment of Echeveria purpsorum

Echeveria Purpsorum prefers a warm and well-ventilated environment, and should use fertile and well-drained sandy soil for cultivation. In the growing period, certain air humidity is required, but the soil does not need to be too wet. In winter, it should be watered sparingly and can withstand low temperature of 5℃.

Echeveria Purpsorum

Echeveria Purpsorum distribution range

Echeveria Purpsorum is found in Mexico (Puebla state, near San Luis Atolotitlan).

Echeveria Purpsorum pest control

Common pests of Echeveria purpsorum include scale insects and starfish. If found, it can be caught with tweezers and sprayed with 40% trichlorofmitol 1000-1500 times solution.

Echeveria purpsorum is a plant prone to leaf rust, so ventilation should be strengthened and sterilization should be sprayed on a regular basis.

Echeveria Purpsorum