Echeveria Hakuhou care & growing tips

Written by Maggie

Mar 10 2021

Echeveria Hakuhou care & growing tips

For Echeveria 'Hakuhou' cultivation, watering can be done once a week, and the root should be watered, and the root should be maintained in full sunshine. The growth temperature should be kept around 18 ~ 25℃. After flowering, the flower stalk should be cut off to avoid excessive consumption of nutrients.Pay attention to the need for watering cans in summer to cool down and replenish water, and do a good job of shading. In the rainy season there should be timely drainage to normal growth.

Echeveria 'Hakuhou' 

1. Water care for growing Echeveria 'Hakuhou' 

Echeveria 'Hakuhou' should not be watered too much during breeding. When we grow and care for Echeveria 'Hakuhou', watering should be done once a week. Pay attention not to top water from the top of Echeveria 'Hakuhou' during watering, which will easily lead to the death of water accumulation in its leaves and heart.

2. Temperature and illumination care for growing Echeveria 'Hakuhou' 

When we grow and care for Echeveria 'Hakuhou', it should be maintained by full sunshine, so that it can receive sufficient light so as to be in a better state and improve its ornamental value. The growth temperature of Echeveria 'Hakuhou' should be kept at about 18 ~ 25℃, so that it can grow healthily in a suitable temperature environment.

3. Trimming care for growing Echeveria 'Hakuhou' 

Note that after flowering, the flower stem of Echeveria 'Hakuhou' should be cut off in time to avoid excessive consumption of nutrients, so that the growth of Echeveria 'Hakuhou will be more vigorous. This is also one of the important items when we grow and care for Echeveria 'Hakuhou', and pruning should not be forgotten during breeding.

Echeveria 'Hakuhou' 

4. Echeveria 'Hakuhou' care in different seasons

(1) Summer care

When we grow and care for Echeveria 'Hakuhou' in summer, the temperature is high and the light is strong. In breeding, spray water in a watering pot should be used to provide sufficient moisture for Echeveria 'Hakuhou', and the temperature of its growing environment should be relatively reduced. Attention should also be paid to shading and maintenance to prevent the leaves of Echeveria 'Hakuhou' from being sunburnt by strong light in summer.

(2) Drainage in the rainy season for Echeveria 'Hakuhou' 

The soil of Echeveria 'Hakuhou' cannot accumulate water, and it is easy to make it accumulate water in the rainy season. When we grow and care for Echeveria 'Hakuhou', drainage should be done, excess water should be drained out by tilting the flowerpot, or new dry soil should be replaced and kept in the rainless room.

Echeveria 'Hakuhou'