Echeveria Hakuhou profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 10 2021

Echeveria Hakuhou profile

Echeveria 'Hakuhou' belongs to the larger Echeveria, with the diameter of the whole plant exceeding 20cm.The leaf color is generally light green or light blue, in large temperature difference or low temperature, long sunshine time environment from the edge of the leaf or the bottom of the leaf gradually become pink. The inflorescence is a bell-shaped flower with 5 lobes extending from leaf axils, orange in color, pink outside, about 1.5cm in diameter.Flowering in autumn.

Echeveria 'Hakuhou' picture

Echeveria 'Hakuhou'

Morphological characteristics of Echeveria 'Hakuhou'

Echeveria 'Hakuhou' is a large Echeveria with a maximum leaf diameter of more than 20 cm and full daylight.In spring to autumn it is refreshing turquoise, under the white powder cover, there will be a pan-blue feeling.If in winter low temperature and strong sunshine, the tip, margin and back of the leaf will be red. 

Growth environment of Echeveria 'Hakuhou'

Echeveria 'Hakuhou' enjoys sunshine, and can get full sunshine. It is usually green, but it will turn red after more sunshine hours.The demand for water is not much, there is a very thin layer of white powder in the center of the leaves. Watering should avoid the center of the leaves, so as not to affect the beauty.

Flowers are especially beautiful, and after the flower it should be cut off the stem, so as not to occupy nutrients.

Echeveria 'Hakuhou'

Main value of Echeveria 'Hakuhou'

Replenish and nourish blood, regulate menstruation and stop belt. It is used for deficiency of blood, weak body, weak waist and knees, less menstrual volume.

Breeding method of Echeveria 'Hakuhou'

Leaf cutting of Echeveria 'Hakuhou' is not easy and it is mainly used for propagation.

Echeveria 'Hakuhou'