How to grow Dracaena arborea

Written by Maggie

Mar 31 2021

How to grow Dracaena arborea

In the process of breeding Dracaena arborea, we need to prepare a has a slightly acidic soil humus, add black peat in leaf soil, plant ash and other substances, to keep a slightly damp soil at ordinary times, every 7 to 10 days a foliar fertilizer is good. It should be put to the astigmatism in maintenanceIn winter evening it is important to note the environment temperature control at 10 ℃.

Dracaena Arborea

1. The growing method of Dracaena Arborea

1. Soil demand

In order to make dracaena arborea grow in a well-watered and slightly acidic humic soil, a breeding substrate for Dracaena Arborea can be used. When we grow Dracaena arborea, an appropriate amount of pine needles, black peat, grass ash and other substances can be added to make the soil more slightly acidic and make it grow better.

2. Water and fertilizer management

When we grow Dracaena Arborea, the soil should be kept slightly wet. Don't wait for the soil to dry out before watering. On a Dracaena Arborea, foliar fertilizer should be applied every 7 to 10 days to make it more healthy.

3. Proper lighting

When we grow Dracaena arborea in spring and autumn, Dracaena Arborea can be preserved under astigative light for 4-6 hours. In winter, the Dracaena Arborea should be exposed to the sun for 3 to 4 hours. In summer, the Dracaena Arborea should be kept in the sun for 3 to 4 hours.

Dracaena Arborea

4. Cuttage propagation

In most cases, a Dracaena Arborea is propagated by cutting. First, a strong Dracaena Arborea is to be found and separated from its roots. If a decaying root is found, the leaves with a root will be treated immediately.

Dracaena Arborea care

When we grow Dracaena Arborea, attention must be paid to ventilation during the day in winter, sufficient sunlight should be given to the leaves, and to avoid being blown by the cold wind. In the evening, if the temperature is too low, frostbite plants are likely to be easily suffered, so it is usually best to keep the temperature around 10℃.

Dracaena Arborea