How to grow Dischidia chinensis

Written by Maggie

Jan 19 2021

How to grow Dischidia chinensis

Dischidia chinensis can be farmed with special nutrient soils, or a mixture of leaved soil, perlite, coarse sand, etc. Usually we need to give enough sunlight to Dischidia chinensis, and need to keep the soil in. Even Dischidia chinensis can grow normally without fertilizer, but organic fertilizer every other month can make it grow better.

Dischidia chinensis

1. Soil demand of Dischidia chinensis

Dischidia chinensis is a succulent plant. It likes to grow in loose, breathable and humus soil, so it can go to the flower shop to buy special nutrient soil for cultivation, or it can use rotten leaf soil, perlite, coarse sand and other materials to mix as the substrate, so that Dischidia chinensis keeps expanding in the basin.

2. Give enough light to Dischidia chinensis

Dischidia chinensis is more widely distributed in the south. Its drought resistance, and high temperature resistance is relatively strong. It needs to be placed in sufficient sunlight farming. It can grow normally even in high summer temperatures, but try to avoid exposure to the sun at high temperatures to prevent burns.

Dischidia chinensis

3. Water properly for Dischidia chinensis

In fact, the way to raise dischidia chinensis is very simple. Although Dischidia chinensis prefers to grow in a moist environment and has a high water requirement, it should not be watered too frequently. It's usually done every ten days to keep the soil moist. Water should also be reduced during the winter.

4. Apply fertilizer rationally for Dischidia chinensis

Usually Dischidia chinensis has a low nutrient requirement and can grow on nutrients in the soil even without fertilization. But applying organic fertilizer every month in spring and autumn would allow Dischidia chinensis to grow better, allowing it to explode.

Dischidia chinensis