How to grow Crassula pyramidalis

Written by Maggie

Dec 05 2020

How to grow Crassula pyramidalis

In Crassula pyramidalis farming methods and matters needing attention, choose fertile soil, loose soil permeability, ensure the light length of more than six hours a day. The plants are dormant in the summer and we should stop watering fertilizer. Control watering in the winter during its growth and make sure your plants grow into a 15 ~ 26 ℃ environment, often trim plant shoots and let it grow better.

Crassula pyramidalis

1. Soil requirements for Crassula pyramidalis

As a fleshy plant, crassula pyramidalis likes to grow in the slightly acidic soil that is conducive to the drainage of the root system and is fertile and porous. The mixture of mud-river soil, sandy soil, humus soil and peat soil is prepared in a ratio of 1:1:1, and a proper amount of fertilizer and water is added in the mixture to ensure the nutrient requirements of the plant growth.

2. Duration of illumination for Crassula pyramidalis

Crassula pyramidalis is a light-pyramidalis plant. In spring, you should ensure more than 6 hours of sunlight a day, or else the plant will become empty.Put the plants in astigmatism in summer to avoid exposure to the sun. In the autumn winter period illumination is not strong, and we can put it outdoors to carry on maintenance.

3. Watering times for Crassula pyramidalis

Crassula pyramidalis is drought-resistant. Water twice a week in the spring to ensure that the soil is slightly dry.As a special pyramidalis, in general, the roots enter the dormant period in summer and their absorption capacity is weak. Watering once a month is enough. In autumn and winter, plants are in the growing season and should be irrigated once every 12 days to avoid root pyramidalis.

Crassula pyramidalis

4. Fertilization treatment of Crassula pyramidalis

In the winter, Crassula pyramidalis is at the growth stage and needs a lot of fertilizer. You can apply diluted nitrogen every week to make the plants grow more healthily. In the summer, when the plants stop growing and the root system goes into hibernation, you need to stop applying fertilizer during this period to avoid causing fertilizer damage.

5. Temperature treatment of Crassula pyramidalis

Crassula pyramidalis is a plant based on the plateau, and its growth temperature is between 15 and 26℃. It is drought-resistant and cold-resistant, and can grow briefly in extreme environments. In summer, you cannot put it in the high temperature above 40℃ for a long time, or the plants will wither and die.

6. Matters needing attention for breeding Crassula pyramidalis

According to the breeding methods and tips of Crassula Pyramidalis, one should also pay attention to whether the environment in which it grows is crowded. According to the size of the plant, we can change the basin during the resting period of the plant, cut out the excess shoots, and concentrate nutrients to make the plant grow more healthily.

Crassula pyramidalis