Crassula pyramidalis profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 24 2021

Crassula pyramidalis profile

Crassula pyramidalis is a pagoda shaped succulent, a representative of the pagoda-shaped leaves of The genus Pyramidalis in the Family Crassula. The leaves are green for part of the time. When the temperature difference increases and the sunshine is sufficient, the leaves turn red. In some areas, even the whole plant turns red.

Crassula pyramidalis picture

Crassula pyramidalis

Crassula pyramidalis growth environment

Crassula pyramidalis is afraid of the dull and wet environment in summer, and dormancy is obvious in summer. When the temperature is too high, we must pay attention to water cut off and increase ventilation, because if we do not pay attention to it, it will rot. We can also put it in half-shade, maintain 1 hour of sunshine every day. If completely without light, lack of light for too long, the leaves will be elongated, very ugly.

Crassula pyramidalis range of distribution

Crassula pyramidalis is distributed in Japan and Britain, and is also introduced by other countries in the world.

Crassula pyramidalis

Crassula pyramidalis key values

Crassula pyramidalis is one of the pyramidalis with beautifully shaped leaves and has certain ornamental value.Potted plants can be placed next to televisions and computers to absorb radiation. They can also be planted indoors to absorb formaldehyde and purify the air.

Crassula pyramidalis cultivation techniques

Crassula pyramidalis is not too much in need of water and sunlight, but semi-cloudy can be raised. However, if it lacks light for too long, the leaves will grow badly, loose leaves will hibernate in summer and grow in winter. Too much water is too wet and too big, and too much water is easy to corrupt.It is normally green, but it will turn red gradually with the increase of sunshine time and temperature difference.They are especially gregarious.Propagation method is based on cuttings. Cut a small section and insert it into the soil.
Crassula pyramidalis