How to grow crassula pagoda village

Written by Maggie

Jan 12 2021

How to grow crassula pagoda village

In summer, it is advised to keep the Crassula Pagoda Village avoid scalding the leaves. In winter, the temperature should not be below 5 ° C (freezing) because the plants will get hurt. Water the plants properly, keep the soil hydrated, apply phosphate and potash every 15 days in spring and autumn, and keep the fertile and well-drained soil in the Pagoda Village.

Crassula Pagoda Village

1. Light and temperature for Crassula Pagoda Village

Crassula Pagoda Village is a kind of light-loving plant, and its cold-resistant ability is very poor. Every day ensures 12 hours of light. In the summer temperature is too high, then Crassula Pagoda Village grows slowly. It's preferably indoors with astigmatism maintenance. In the winter, control the indoor temperature not less than 5 ℃, otherwise it will frostbite Crassula Pagoda Village.

2, Water for Crassula Pagoda Village

In the spring and fall, water until the soil is moist (every five days or so). In hehe summer heat causes rapid evaporation. Water every day to maintain the necessary moisture for the growth of Crassula Pagoda Village.

Crassula Pagoda Village

3, Fertilization for Crassula Pagoda Village

Crassula Pagoda Village's requirements for fertilizer are not very strict. In spring and autumn, the best to use a compound containing potassium and phosphor, which can accelerate the growth of Crassula Pagoda Village.

4, Soil for Crassula Pagoda Village

Choose well-ventilated sandy soil or garden, hummus, and sandy soil in a 7:5:3 ratio, which is more nutritious and simple. It's also easier to gain access to Crassula Pagoda Village growth.

Crassula Pagoda Village