Winter maintenance of Crassula Pagoda Village

Written by Maggie

Jan 12 2021

Winter maintenance of Crassula Pagoda Village

During the winter propagation of Crassula Pagoda Village, it is placed in astigmatism, exposed to full sunlight, and kept well ventilated. Although winter was the growing season of Crassula Pagoda Village, watering was returned and the soil kept dry according to the rules of dry-wet keeping. You don't need to apply fertilizer in winter. You can apply compound fertilizer once in early spring.

Crassula Pagoda Village

1. Astigmatism curing for Crassula Pagoda Village

The cold tolerance of crassula pagoda village is low. It is prone to death in the winter if you haven't kept a proper examination. How does Crassula Pagoda Village overwinter? It needs to be moved to the indoor environment in winter. Thanks to the short winter hours, full sunlight was necessary to relieve frostbite and advance the growth of crassula pagoda Village.

2. Good ventilation for Crassula Pagoda Village

The Crassula pagoda village likes to grow in a dry, ventilated environment. In the process of indoor breeding, the soil should be treated with loosening regularly to increase the ability of soil to loosen and breathe freely. However, it is necessary to open the window for ventilation every day to ensure a good ventilation environment.

Crassula Pagoda Village

3. Reduce watering for Crassula Pagoda Village

During the winter, the hydration requirements of Crassula Pagoda Village were decreased. Although Crassula Pagoda Village continued to grow, due to the temperature, watering the plants less often is necessary. Following the principle of keeping the Pagoda wet and dry, watering the plants in a timely manner was necessary.

4. Stop fertilizing for Crassula Pagoda Village

In winter keeping the Crassula Pagoda Village, fertilizer is unnecessary because it is difficult for the plants to absorb the fertilizer, and the damage can occur. You can keep the compound once in early spring to replenish the plants, and keep the temperature (preferably 16 ° C) in order to keep the plants safe over the winter.

Crassula Pagoda Village