Crassula Pagoda Village care for the roten roots

Written by Maggie

Mar 16 2021

Crassula Pagoda Village care for the roten roots

When Crassula Pagoda Village (pagoda village plant) roots canker, you first need to handle its rotted roots in time. When we care for Crassula Pagoda Village, it is ok to keep its main roots, and we also need to give its roots disinfection. If soil hardens which is caused by improper water, replace the soil. When suffered harm of diseases and pests, pour-over potion to the soil. After corresponding treatment, it should be put in a sunny environment, and stop watering and fertilizers.

Crassula Pagoda Village

1. Crassula Pagoda Village trimming care

If the roots rotted during the growth of Crassula Pagoda Village, the first step is to remove the plants from the base of the base. Remove the old soil from the roots, then keep the main roots, disinfect the temples, and place them in the shade to heal the root wounds.

2. Crassula Pagoda Village repotting care

When the root rot of pagoda village plant occurs, if the soil is rigid, water and fertilizer are improper, and the plant suffers from diseases and insects, it shall be reconfigured with new soil. After the root rot is treated, wait for the wound heal and then put it into the basin for curing, so that the plant can gradually regain its vitality and avoid its plant wilt and death.

Crassula Pagoda Village

3. Crassula Pagoda Village drug care

If Crassula Pagoda Village suffered harm of diseases and pests, make its roots canker of the plant, so pagoda village plant roots rotted. What need to give their soil poured is carbendazim, dichlorvos and other diseases and pests control. Don't touch it when poured medicament roots of the plant, and don't pour too much. Pour over once a week, and continuously use a month.

4. Crassula Pagoda Village environment care

After rotting in Crassula Pagoda Village, keep the plants in a sunny area and maintain them, but keep them in a cool place in the summer. Keep the watering volume under control, wait patiently for the pagoda village plant to recover, and then retrain them with the appropriate amount of fertilizer.

Crassula Pagoda Village