How to deal with crassula pagoda village excessive growth

Written by Maggie

Jan 12 2021

How to deal with crassula pagoda village excessive growth

Crassula Pagoda Village, a small, fleshy, fascicled plant whose appearance is like the name of the ancient Pagoda Village. Many of you facing the problem of excessive growth of Crassula Pagoda Village when breeding. How did Crassula Pagoda Village grow excessively?

Crassula Pagoda Village

Reasons for the Crassula Pagoda Village grows excessively

The requirement of light from Crassula Pagoda Village is strong. Inadequate sun exposure leads to lengthy training, excessive application of fat and water, lengthening of the stems and leaves, lengthening of the internodes, and loosening the plants.

Precaution for Crassula Pagoda Village excessive growth

Anyone who keeps a Crassula Pagoda Village will easily make it grow excessively. How to deal with it? Usually, we cut its heads off. Of course, you can also let it grow excessively. That is to say, either cutting or let it grow excessively.

The reason why beheading was the main method in Crassula Pagoda Village is that once it grows excessively, it can't regain its original compact form. It doesn't matter if you're gaining access to light or controlling water, which can only prevent the excessive growth of Crassula Pagoda Village.

In addition to Crassula Pagoda Village, the treatment is the same for many succulents after excessive growth.

Crassula Pagoda Village

How to manage after the beheading of a Crassula Pagoda Village:

Select a suitable section (keep at least 4 pairs of leaves, 3-5cm long), then cut it off, then put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry the wound, then you can cut it.

It is important to keep at least four pairs of leaves (3-5 cm long) of Crassula Pagoda Village, which helps increase the survival rate. The best cutting temperature is 18-24℃, and keep the medium micro wet, generally rooting after 2-3 weeks.

Crassula Pagoda Village