How to grow Common Duckweed indoors

Written by Maggie

Oct 22 2021

How to grow Common Duckweed indoors

Common Duckweed, an aquatic plant commonly found in lakes, appears to form a green blanket on the surface.It is easy to grow and is a natural food for many animals, preventing mosquitoes from breeding on the water.If you want to grow some for scientific research, animal feed or entertainment purposes, you can do so indoors. Here is how to grow Common Duckweed indoors for your reference.

Common Duckweed

1. Buy some Common Duckweed at the store or harvest it from the pond

You may be able to purchase Common Duckweed from a store in your area.Otherwise, you can take it out of a growing pond.Fill the container with water from the pond.Then dig some Common Duckweed out of the pond by hand, and put the Common Duckweed into a container.

When bringing Common Duckweed home, place the lid on the container to prevent spatter.

Between 50 and 100 Common Duckweed pods are sufficient, as they grow and breed rapidly.

2. Disinfect Common Duckweed with potassium permanganate

You will need potassium permanganate to disinfect Common Duckweed.Mix one teaspoon of the chemical in 12 gallons (45 liters) of water.Place the Common Duckweed in a permanganate solution for about 30 seconds.

Potassium permanganate can be purchased at your local pharmacy.

Disinfection of Common Duckweed will ensure that it is free of pests and bacteria.

3. Place Common Duckweed in a plastic tray at a depth of 12 -- 14 inches (30 -- 36 centimeters)

This will help you create the right environment for the Common Duckweed to thrive.Fill the tray with fresh water, and then add the Common Duckweed to it.Use fresh water from a pond for best results, but you can also use tap water.

You need to use fresh water because Common Duckweed is a freshwater plant. That's why they only grow in ponds and not at sea. Salt water will kill the Common Duckweed.

Common Duckweed

4. Place the tray so that Common Duckweed receives 10 hours of sunlight per day

The best place to put the tray is next to a window that receives at least 10 hours of sunlight a day. Like many plants, the Common Duckweed grows strong in direct sunlight. If you see Common Duckweed in the pond, note that the pond is almost completely free of shadow and full of sunlight.

If you can't place Common Duckweed near a window that receives 10 hours of sunlight, you can also use fluorescent bulbs to help them grow. For best results, place the bulb 15 inches (38 cm) above the tray.The Common Duckweed does not grow under these bulbs as it would under direct sunlight.

5. Change the water for Common Duckweed after 1 week

Check the tray several times a day and remove damaged Common Duckweed from the tray.Replace the water in the tray with more fresh water.

It takes about 10 days for the Common Duckweed to breed.

6. Use a net to transfer the growing Common Duckweed to the desired location

If you are transferring the Common Duckweed to a garden pond, make sure there is plenty of sunlight in the pond. If you want to move the Common Duckweed to an aquarium, make sure the aquarium is covered with a light source.

After entering a pond or aquarium, the Common Duckweed requires no further care or maintenance.

You can buy the right web at your local store.

The above is the indoor planting of Common Duckweed shared today. You can plant it by reference.

Common Duckweed

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