How to grow Borzicactus aureispina

Written by Maggie

Dec 30 2020

How to grow Borzicactus aureispina

In the process of growing Borzicactus Aureispina, peat soil, vermiculite, coal cinder, rotten leaf soil mixed soil can be used as nutrient soil. Base fertilizer should be applied at the time of the basin, and nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer should be applied once a month during the growing season. Watering should always keep the substrate moist, water every month in winter, control temperature in 18 ~ 26℃ or so.

Borzicactus Aureispina

1. Loose soil for Borzicactus Aureispina

Borzicactus Aureispina needs fertile soil to grow healthily. When potted, it is best to choose the sandy soil with good fertility, loose, good drainage. Generally, peat, vermiculite, coal cinder and rotten leaf soil can be mixed into cultivated soil. Put some organic manure in the bottom of the basin as base fertilizer, but keep it away from the root system so as not to burn the root system and affect its growth.

2. Fertilize regularly for Borzicactus Aureispina

Give borzicactus aureispina plenty of organic fertilizer before implantation. We can choose stale cake fertilizer or manure, but we should pay attention to the concentration and dosage should not be too large. In the growing season, it can be fertilized once a month, mainly with thin nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer. Winter is the borzicactus aureispina dormancy period, and fertilization should stop.

Borzicactus Aureispina

3. Water and moisturize for Borzicactus Aureispina

Summer is the golden age of Borzicactus Aureispina. So in this period it can not be short of water, to give the soil enough water. It is always kept in a moist state. We can cooperate to spray water mist to the branches and leaves, irrigate permeable water every month in winter. Keep the pot soil slightly dry and state is advisable, mainly along the edge of the pot.

4. Environmental management of Borzicactus Aureispina

Borzicactus Aureispina does not have a high requirement for light intensity and has a strong semi-shade tolerance. However, sufficient sunshine conditions are needed in the growing season, and the temperature should be controlled at about 18 ~ 26℃.In summer, if the temperature is higher than 35℃, it should be moved indoors or sprayed with water to cool the surroundings. The temperature difference can be controlled in autumn, which is beneficial to the differentiation of flower buds.

Borzicactus Aureispina