Borzicactus Aureispina profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 30 2020

Borzicactus Aureispina profile

Borzicactus Aureispina is a succulent perennial of the cactus family. It belongs to succulent perennial herbs, slender columnar stems, initially erect, later propulsating, degenerated leaves, flowers on the upper part of the stem, orange-red petals, pink inner petals, globose fruit, berries. Borzicactus Aureispina, native to Mexico in the Americas, with gorgeous colors, can be cultivated by hanging, forming a unique landscape, flowering period of April to June.

Borzicactus Aureispina picture

Borzicactus Aureispina

Borzicactus Aureispina morphological characteristics

Stems of borzicactus aureispina are slender cylindrical, 1.5-2.5 cm thick, 1.5 m high, much branched, climbing or prostrate pendulous, bright green, with low ribs 16-18, with golden bristles. Individual snub-nosed are monkey tail, the whole as a group of snakes.

Borzicactus Aureispina growing environment

Borzicactus Aureispina prefers a sunny environment. It is drought-resistant and half overcast, avoiding water and wet. The suitable growth temperature for Borzicactus Aureispina is 20-25℃, and it can withstand 4℃ low temperatures. It has strong habits, no special requirements for the soil. Common flowers with soil cultivation grow well.

Borzicactus Aureispina

Borzicactus Aureispina application

Borzicactus Aureispina whiplash stems are golden, fascinating, fluffy red flowers reflect the United States, inspiring. It is the fine breed that the balcony maintains, bedroom deck.

Borzicactus Aureispina, with a slender stem and short golden thorns, is highly ornamental. It is mostly used for potted viewing, and can also be used in multi-plasma special gardens, planted on or near mountains and rocks for viewing.

Borzicactus Aureispina Purification function

Borzicactus Aureispina is the pathway of sepium acid metabolism. The stomata of cactus close during the day and open at night to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which can improve indoor air quality.

Borzicactus Aureispina