How to grow and care for Yucca

Written by Maggie

Sep 09 2021

How to grow and care for Yucca

Yucca is a very special plant. It doesn't bloom in the daytime like other flowers, showing its unique style, but it blooms at night. But it is also a very beautiful plant or a plant with many functions. How to grow Yucca? And how to care for Yucca when growing it? Today we'll take a look at it.

Yucca Plant - Most Common House Plant

How to grow Yucca

1. Soil demand

Yucca likes to grow in loose soil, and the soil should provide it with sufficient nutrients in time, so as to make it grow better. Generally, when growing Yucca, we can use garden soil and river sand mixed in a ratio of 5:3 as the substrate, and apply sufficient organic fertilizer to the soil as the base fertilizer.

2. Illumination temperature

Yucca is a mild plant. Generally, Yucca can be placed in the sun to bathe, but in summer, the sun is very hot and burns easily. Use a shade net to prevent sunburn every noon, put it in the sun in the morning and evening, and give it 4 hours of light.

3. Water and fertilizer management

In the cultivation methods and precautions of Yucca, it is necessary to keep the soil in the basin moist, but not to make water in the basin, so it is necessary to pay attention when watering. Generally, Yucca does not need to be fertilized, but if the soil bottom fertilizer is insufficient, it is necessary to apply organic fertilizer once ripe.

4. Cottage propagation

In spring and autumn, germinating lateral buds can be picked from the top of the plant, and then put the lateral buds in a cool and dry place for 1-3 days. Dig a small hole 5cm deep in the soil suitable for growth, insert the lateral buds into the soil and compacted it, keep the soil moist for about a month, then the lateral buds will take root and germinate again.


How to care for Yucca

Growing environment for Yucca

The basin soil for planting Yucca should be loose, well drained, and contain more nutrients and humus, so as to ensure sufficient nutrition and good growth status of Yucca.

The sunshine and temperature

Yucca is a plant that likes a mild, sunny environment, but it's important to keep it out of direct sunlight. Pay attention to keep the Yucca growth temperature not too low in winter, and keep it at about 10 degrees Celsius.

Moisture conditions

Yucca is a kind of plant that likes a wet environment, so make sure it has enough water, but do not cause water in the basin, which will affect the breathability of the soil in the Yucca basin, and cause root rot, which will lead to the death of the whole plant.

Yucca usually rarely suffer from pests and diseases, but if the environment is not ventilated, then may suffer from red spider mite, aphids and other pests and diseases. We can first give its artificial treatment, will all the branches and leaves of the pests and diseases cut off, and then spray its dichlorvos, abamectin and other agents to control.