How to grow and care for Kousa Dogwood

Written by Maggie

Nov 05 2021

How to grow and care for Kousa Dogwood

Kousa Dogwood is a kind of shade tolerant shrub and tree with many varieties. It is a kind of dual-use tree for medicine and food. Kousa Dogwood is suitable for planting in yards and needs to maintain loose and well-drained soil. It is a very nutrient-tolerant plant with strong adaptability to the environment. In autumn, you can see beautiful and fresh Kousa Dogwood, which is also a very beautiful garden to watch flowers and trees. Now I would like to introduce how to grow and care for Kousa Dogwood.

Kousa Dogwood  

How to grow Kousa Dogwood  

1. Land preparation: For Kousa Dogwood planting in parks, courtyards and other urban green Spaces, it should be planted in a warm and humid place sheltered from the wind to the sun, and the land should be prepared in autumn or the following spring. "Four side" planting, along with the whole plant. It is advisable to plant in the middle and lower part of a semi-sunny slope with loose and thick sandy loam or loam.  (Find more fall plants here.)

2. Planting: Kousa Dogwood can be planted in spring and autumn, before buds germinate in spring, and after fallen leaves in autumn. When planting the seedlings, it is better to take the soil ball, the soil should be 1 ~ 2cm higher than the rhizosphere, the root system should be naturally unfurled and stable, and the row spacing of the plants should be 3×4 enigmas. 

3. Fertilizer and water care: After Kousa Dogwood planting for 2 to 3 years, loosen the soil and hoe the grass for 2 to 3 times a year, loosen the soil, top dressing and water according to the size of the trees before flowering, germination and fruit every year. Apply fertilizer for 3 to 4 times a year and water for 5 to 6 times a year regularly, which is conducive to good growth, long flowering time and large and beautiful flowers. 

4. Pruning: kousa dogwood pruning is generally carried out in winter or spring before germination after deciduous leaves every year, with uniform distribution of branches and robust growth as the principle. Pruning mainly cuts off branches, and then cuts off dead branches, diseased and insect branches, clearance branches, weak branches and poor growth branches. In the process of growth also gradually cut off the base of branches, on the center of the main branch short, to improve the ability to grow up. Due to Kousa Dogwood's poor ability to sprout, it is not suitable for Kousa Dogwood to be repruned, so as to maintain the whole tree shape and take the shape of an umbrella.

Kousa Dogwood  

How to care for Kousa Dogwood

1. Horn spot: Spot major hazard Kousa Dogwood blades. In May 1:2:20 0 bordeaux mixture, spray 3 times in a row at a time interval of 10 ~ 15 days, or in the early onset for 2 ~ 3 times spraying 5% wettability, bacteria, 800 ~ 1000 times to annotate and chlorothalonil 75% wet powder 500 ~ 8020 times liquid, every 7 to 10 days in the spray. 

2. Moths: The moths that harm Kousa Dogwood mainly include deciduous moths and big Demoiselle moths that bite the leaves and twigs of testaments, which can be timely controlled by using 90% trichlofon 1000x liquid or 50% octyophosphate 1000x liquid. 

3. Aphids: Aphids mainly harm the young leaves, branch shoots, flowers and shoots of Kousa Dogwood, and can be sprayed with 40% dimethyl emulsion (1500 times), 70% wet-resistant aphid killing powder (800 ~ 1000 times), 50% wet-resistant aphid forming powder (1000 ~ 2000 times) or 50% anti-aphid aqueous solution (1000 ~ 2000 times). 

Kousa Dogwood  

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