How to grow and care for Haworthia truncata

Written by Maggie

Mar 31 2021

How to grow and care for Haworthia truncata


In fact, in the variety of succulent, haworthia truncata is more a variety that is difficult to raise. But as long as we know the habit of Haworthia truncata, we can grow Haworthia truncata well.

The following are how to grow haworthia truncata and caring tips for growing Haworthia truncata.

Haworthia truncata

How to grow Haworthia truncata

1. Suitable environment for Haworthia truncata

Haworthia truncata likes a cool, soft and sunny environment, and Haworthia truncata tolerates drought and semi-shade, but avoids dampness, coldness and high temperature. The optimum temperature for the growth of truncata haworthia was 15-20°C.

The death of the Haworthia Truncata can easily occur if the ambient temperature is too high. In addition, the winter environment temperature should be kept above 8℃, otherwise it is difficult to overwinter.

2. Soil requirements of Haworthia truncata

Truncata Haworthia was potted in loose, breathable, fertile sandy loam. When we grow Haworthia truncata, the soil can be peat, pellet vermiculite, perlite, or red jade or deer marsh soil,

In addition, a proper amount of nutrients can be added to the soil to facilitate the growth of feather fans.

3. Lighting requirements of Haworthia truncata

The spring and autumn season is the peak season for the growth of the Haworthia Truncata. When we grow Haworthia Truncata, sufficient light is needed, which is conducive to the growth of the Haworthia Truncata. If the Haworthia Truncata has insufficient light exposure,

The shape of the Haworthia truncata would appear looser and less energetic, and the leaves would be easy to grow, which would greatly reduce the enjoyment of the Haworthia truncata.

4. Watering requirements of Haworthia truncata

The Haworthia Truncata is a relatively drought-tolerant succulent plant and has little need for water. When we grow Haworthia truncata, sufficient water should be supplied during the growing period of the Haworthia truncata, since the leaves of the Haworthia truncata grow rapidly, and water should be poured into the proper amount.

In addition, watering the Haworthia Truncata to avoid watering the leaves, and watering at night would be more appropriate.

5. Fertilization requirements of Haworthia truncata

Generally, the demand for nutrients during the growth of the Haworthia truncata is relatively high. So during the growth of the leaf fan, it is necessary to apply fertilizer every two weeks, usually with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and also avoid applying fertilizer to the leaves and getting too close to the roots.

Haworthia truncata

6. Basin changing requirements of Haworthia truncata

Having the Haworthia truncata in pot after two years' cultivation is usually considered for counter-offer, and changing the pot of the Haworthia Truncata also makes the Haworthia Truncata grow better. When we grow Haworthia truncata, changing basin time is in spring commonly. New soil is given priority with loose, fertile sandy soil likewise.

In addition to the replacement of the Haworthia Truncata, it is recommended to turn the table once in September, mainly by cutting off the old roots of the Haworthia Truncata and loosening the soil.

7. Disease and pest control of Haworthia Truncata

Insect pests and diseases of Truncata Haworthia include leaf rot and dry rot, and as soon as symptoms are found during maintenance. It is essential to spray in time with 1500 times liquid of 50% carbapenzid wettable powder.

Insect infestation of the Haworthia Truncata was whitefly. As well as insect infestation, which was promptly sprayed with 10 per cent deworming sperm oil 3000 times.

How to care for Haworthia Truncata

Generally speaking, the Haworthia Truncata is changed every two years. When the Haworthia Truncata clumps and the nutrients are almost absorbed clean within two years, we need to change a large pot, loose and fertile soil, change the pot, prune the dead roots and rotten roots, so that the Haworthia Truncata can better absorb nutrients.

The Haworthia Truncata likes moist air growth environments. When we care for Haworthia truncata, we need regular spray water. If the water droplets stay on the surface of the plant for a long time, we must pay attention to water mist should not be too big. Every spring and autumn change basins once a year. Basin soil should be fertile loose, good drainage sand.

Haworthia truncata