Haworthia Truncata Schonland profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 27 2020

Haworthia Truncata Schonland profile

The Haworthia Truncata Schonland, native to South Africa, is a oblong, thick-leaved, succulent plant, and one of the more difficult varieties of the Genus Truncata. The Haworthia Truncata Schonland has an odd shape, with long, pale blue-gray blades arranged in two rows, upright and slightly curved inward, with a slightly concave brown-green section at the top.The surface is relatively rough, and there are small warts protrusion, some of the leaf cross section has a gray white transparent pattern of the breed is more beautiful. Flowers are for racemes, white tubular.

Haworthia Truncata Schonland picture

Haworthia Truncata Schonland

Morphological characteristics of Haworthia Truncata Schonland

Truncata Schonland plants are low, stemless, fleshy leaves erect, lengthening to both sides, slightly curved inward, opposite, arranged in two sides, fanyl-shaped, slightly concave at the top, cross-sectional, racemose, stems 20-25 cm long, cylindric, white, midribbed green, 1.5 cm long. It looked as if someone had cut it with a knife. The surface is rough, green to dark green brown, and has a small verrucous protrusion. The section of the new leaf is partly transparent and gray-white.

At the time of origin, the leaves will be buried in the soil and only the apex of the leaves will be exposed. The cross sections of different varieties of leaves and some varieties of leaves still have grayish white and transparent patterns on the cross sections.The pattern is mostly white, its horticultural variety jade fan brocade leaves have yellow or pink markings. The green pattern is very precious.

The growing environment of Haworthia Truncata Schonland

The haworthia truncata Schonland delights in cool, plentiful and soft sunshine.It is drought resistant and half shade resistant, bogey damp, not cold, afraid of high temperature. In spring and autumn, sufficient light will be given. If the light is not enough, the plant shape will be loose, the leaves will be long, and the "window" surface will become small and cloudy.

Haworthia Truncata Schonland

The geographical distribution of Haworthia Truncata Schonland

Haworthia Truncata Schonland is native to southern Africa and has been introduced in many parts of the world.

The main purpose of Haworthia Truncata Schonland

The plant of Haworthia Truncata Schonland has the shape of a fan, with thick leaves, transparent top like a window, varied patterns, and delicate and elegant, just like a living craft art product, which is specially collected and cultivated by many lovers.

Plant with a small potted, basin face is acted the role of with a pebble, can adorn desk, desk, a few cases, windowsill.

Haworthia Truncata Schonland