How to grow and care for Blue Jacaranda

Written by Maggie

Sep 11 2021

How to grow and care for Blue Jacaranda

Roadside Blue Jacaranda are at their most beautiful in early summer. The flowers of the Blue Jacaranda are a dreamy, beautiful color of blue-purple, and the large blooming Blue Jacaranda are a fairyland. How to grow Blue Jacaranda? How to care for Blue Jacaranda when growing it? Let's look together.

Blue Jacaranda

Growing Blue Jacaranda

When growing blue Jacaranda, in the first season harvesting mature plump seeds, clean after disinfection treatment, to spring out in the matrix that are rich in nutrients, control the temperature in the 20 ~ 24 ℃ or so, often keep a moist state matrix, about 10 days after emergence. The following are steps to grow Blue Jacaranda.

1. Seed treatment

It mainly takes mature and robust seeds in November in autumn, dries them and stores them in a dry environment. It takes them out for cultivation in March in spring, and puts the seeds in water at a temperature of 30 ~ 40℃ for several hours.

2. Matrix treatment

Blue Jacaranda prefers to grow in a well-fertilized substrate, which will also ensure the germination rate of the seeds. Before growing, the selected soil should be deeply turned over and kept moist after watering. It can be applied to the inside of the appropriate amount of decomposed farm fertilizer solution, and then spray the right amount of carbendazim solution, in order to play the role of disinfection and sterilization.

3. Transplanting

Because the seeds of Blue Jacaranda are very small, they are mainly cultivated in the form of on-demand sowing. After planting, they should be watered thoroughly, controlled at about 20 ~ 24℃, and placed in a dark and warm environment. During this period, appropriate thinned seedlings can be carried out.

4. Management after planting

When the plant after transplanting, move it into a better environment of sunshine. In summer sunshine is relatively strong, and the temperature is higher. At this time we can maintain the relative humidity of the air in about 70% ~ 80%, a month to apply decayed cake fertilizer water. With the growth of the plant, gradually control nitrogen fertilizer and watering, in order to facilitate the growth of the plant.

Blue Jacaranda

Blue Jacaranda care

Temperature care

Blue Jacaranda has strict requirements on temperature. Daily 22℃ ~ 30℃ temperature environments are more likely to promote the growth of Blue Jacaranda. In winter, the temperature must not be lower than 5℃, otherwise the root is vulnerable to frostbite, and the maximum temperature in summer cannot exceed 32℃, otherwise the growth of blue jacaranda will be inhibited.

Soil care

We can choose the sandy soil to add peat in accordance with the ratio of 5:3 preparation. Before using, we need to place it in the sun for 2 days, enough to kill the virus, and then planting.

Fertilizing care

Before growing, add organic fertilizer to the bottom of the pot to promote root absorption. Nitrogen fertilizer can be applied every 2 months during the growing period, which can promote the flourishing of Blue Jacaranda. No fertilization is needed in winter and summer. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can be applied once during the flowering stage to promote the flowering and bud development.

Pruning care

In the early spring of each year, the Blue Jacaranda should be pruned. The twiglets should be pruned away from the branches and parts of the overlapping branches should be pruned to increase light and ventilation, promote the growth of the branches and avoid the loss of nutrients.

Prevention of diseases and insect pests

Blue Jacaranda is prone to longicorn beetles in the summer, so pay attention to the daily check. If found on the leaves of the trunk reddish brown spots, it is suffering from insect pests, then it can be directly removed from the bark to remove the larvae, and can also be in the trunk of 80 cm height to apply sulfur and lime powder treatment.

Blue Jacaranda