How to care for Pritchardia gaudichaudii

Written by Maggie

Dec 24 2020

How to care for Pritchardia gaudichaudii

How to care for Pritchardia gaudichaudii having diseases and insect pests

Pritchardia gaudichaudii is easy to find in leaf spots, mainly caused by improper water.  water We need to adjust the number of times to downy mildew control. We can increase the time of astigmatism, timely pruning disease leaves at the same time, and some spraying disinfection agents for prevention and control. Brown leaf pest is pritchardia gaudichaudii common kind of insect pest, which may occur many times a year. We need to spray omethoate every 2 weeks.

Pritchardia gaudichaudii

1. Brown spot

Brown spot disease is mainly harmful to the leaves of the plant. If the disease is serious, the leaves will turn yellow or even wither, seriously affecting the appearance of the plant. This disease is mainly caused by the discomfort of watering, which requires watering according to the principle of seeing both dry and wet.

2. Downy mildew

The pest control of Pritchardia gaudichaudii is mainly related to the daily farming methods. Daily lighting of Pritchardia gaudichaudii can increase the disease resistance of the plant. When the plant is infected with downy mildew, the diseased leaves need to be pruned timely and some disinfectant spraying can be used for treatment.

3. Pitysophila with brown leaves

The insect infestation of pity-bug with brown leaves can occur many times a year, which has great harm to the plants. It is necessary to spray oxy dimethoate every 2 weeks, and strengthen ventilation management. Pritchardia gaudichaudii is often placed in the outdoor environment to give the plants a good ventilation environment.


Believe that everyone is no stranger to aphids. Aphids' reproductive ability, especially in the summer, is the peak period. We need to spray water, keep a wet environment. At the same time in order to strengthen the management of ventilation, to obtain timely trim off sick leaves, can avoid Pritchardia gaudichaudii with aphids. If it has the insect pest, we can spray washing powder for treatment.

How to care for How to care for Pritchardia gaudichaudii in autumn

Pritchardia gaudichaudii shade resistance ability is very strong, so we can not give too much light in the autumn. We can move it to the astigmatism of the environment at intervals of about 1 month. Water once every four days or so. In the early autumn of time, begin topdressing fertilizer, every two weeks or so liquid fertilizer.

Pritchardia gaudichaudii

1.Light for at intervals of Pritchardia gaudichaudii

How can Pritchardia gaudichaudii grow more vigorously in autumn? The shade tolerance of Pritchardia gaudichaudii is relatively strong, and it can be placed in a light environment for 1-2 months. Therefore, Pritchardia gaudichaudii can be given some astigmatism exposure in autumn growing to promote more luxuriant foliage.

2. Water for Pritchardia gaudichaudii

Pritchardia gaudichaudii growth is at its peak from March to October, when the water demand is also high, so water the Pritchardia gaudichaudii every 4 days or so. Give Pritchardia gaudichaudii plenty of water, which will also promote the growth of Pritchardia gaudichaudii.

3. Fertilizer application of Pritchardia gaudichaudii

Pritchardia gaudichaudii is a fattening plant, which should be applied at the beginning of autumn. Liquid fertilizer should be applied every 1 to 2 weeks, mainly compound fertilizer, which can promote the growth of plants in many aspects. The fertilizer should be stopped when the temperature drops gradually, so as to avoid fertilizer damage.

4. Trim the yellow and dead leaves of Pritchardia gaudichaudii

Pritchardia gaudichaudii is an ornamental plant. The yellow and withered leaves often appear in autumn cultivation, which affects the appearance of the plant. Pruning of the yellow and withered leaves as well as pruning of the thin branches will facilitate the growth of Pritchardia gaudichaudii.

Pritchardia gaudichaudii