How does Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana burst pot

Written by Maggie

Jan 12 2021

How does Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana burst pot

Prepare the Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana blasting basin, proper soil is required, and a mixture of river sand, peat, and small stones can be used to make the cultivation soil. You also need to keep enough light to encourage the plants to absorb nutrients. In spring and autumn watering every time until the leaves soft down. In summer do not water until the soil is dry. Apply a thin liquid fertilizer every 20 days or so also, and nitrogen fertilizer should not be excessive.

Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana

1. Suitable soil for Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana

Echeveria Peacockii Desmetiana is a blue succulent plant that looks like a lotus and is very ornamental. Then how does Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana explode the pot? First, soil suitability should be maintained. The best soil for breeding Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana is loose, permeable and well-drained soil, which can be mixed with river sand, peat soil and small stones.

2. Reasonable light for Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana

If you want Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana to explode the pot, light is one of the necessary conditions. Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana has a high demand for light. In the process of curing, it needs to be placed in a place with good light, which is conducive to the uptake of nutrients and the growth of plants. But in the summer when the light is more intense, it needs appropriate shade, to avoid burning plants.

Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana

3. Watering method of Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana

Echeveria Peacockii Desmetiana is a drought-tolerant plant, and usually does not need to water too much, otherwise it will easily lead to plant growth. Especially in spring and fall, you need to wait for the leaves to soften before watering, watering thoroughly each time, and in summer watering should follow the principle of watering until the soil is dry.

4. Fertilization techniques of Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana

During the Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana growth period, fertilizer must be supplied in time to maintain sufficient fertility of the soil. Echeveria Peacockii Desmetiana grows better when the nutrient is abundant. Generally 20 days or so to apply a thin liquid fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer is not easy to excess, otherwise it will lead to plant growth.

Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana