Breeding methods and precautions of Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana

Written by Maggie

Jan 12 2021

Breeding methods and precautions of Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana

Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana plants are graceful and evergreen. Overlooking the Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana, one is surprised to find that it looks like a lotus throne.Echeveria Peacockii Desmetiana is a good choice for several kinds of delicate lotus flowers.Here's a look at Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana propagation methods and precautions!

Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana

Light for Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana  

Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana leaves are blue and white, with a ring of pink around the edges when the light is sufficient. Look under the sun. It has a bright and fluorescent feeling.

Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana prefers sunlight by nature. To ensure sufficient light, especially during the growing period, the color of leaves is bright and shiny only when the sunlight is sufficient, and the plant shape is more compact. When the sun is not enough, the blue becomes lighter, the fleshy feeling on the leaves will also disappear, and the overall shape will feel as if it has withered.

Less water for Echeveria Peacockii Desmetiana 

Echeveria Peacockii Desmetiana likes warm and dry environment and has strong drought tolerance. Therefore, the water is watered according to the criterion of dry soil. Pay special attention to the winter. Water should be reduced as much as possible. Moreover, Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana is not cold resistant.

Usually, in the growing period watering once a week, once a month in winter, watering 1~2 times. Keep the soil dry. In summer, when the weather is hot, often spray the leaf surface, or spray around the flowerpot, so as not to water leaves caused by the plant rot.

Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana

Chang pot for Echeveria Peacockii Desmetiana 

Suitable pot size can promote the growth of Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana. The basin can be changed every spring. After changing the basin, place it in the shade for 3-5 days, and then restore normal curing.

After changing the pot, the Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana looks like a lotus blossoming and the leaves stretch beautifully.

Echeveria Peacockii Desmetiana farming precautions

In summer high temperature, avoid direct sunlight, so as not to burn the leaves.

Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana does not require fertilizer and does not apply fertilizer during the summer dormant period to avoid damaging roots and affecting plant growth.Less fertilizer during growth can promote its growth.

Do not spray water in winter to avoid water in the heart of the leaves for too long, so water directly to the roots in winter.

Echeveria peacockii Desmetiana