How to Propagate Aloe perfoliata

Written by Maggie

Oct 13 2021

How to Propagate Aloe perfoliata

Aloe perfoliata should be placed in a ventilated half overcast environment, and need to have four hours of astigmatism summer. Daily watering must be in accordance with the principle of not watering until the soil is dry. Cultivation matrix is given priority with breathable loose, humus soil can be mixed with peat. In vigorous growth in the spring, we can apply 2 ~ 3 times of thin fertilizer or clean out rice water, replenishing nutrients to promote the growth of plants.

Aloe Perfoliata

1. Illumination and temperature for Aloe Perfoliata

Aloe Perfoliata is a photophobic plant but should not be exposed to strong light. Expose to soft light for 6 to 12 hours, especially in summer, but only for 4 hours of astigmatism.

2, Do not water Aloe Perfoliata until the soil is dry

Watering was also important in Aloe Perfoliata's breeding methods and precautions. aloe perfoliata is highly resistant to drought, so do not overdo it and do not do it to avoid accumulation of water.The evaporation of water in summer is too large, while watering can cooperate with the blade spraying water.

Aloe Perfoliata

3.Notes for Aloe Perfoliata cultivation

1. Breathable soil farming

Aloe Perfoliata roots are succulent and can be obtained with a porous substrate consisting of 4 parts humus, 2 parts peat, and 1 part perlite. They are rich in humus and can also be aerated for Aloe Perfoliata growth.

2. Apply thin liquid fertilizer

Aloe Perfoliata does not require excessive fertilization, which can burn the root system, but only two to three times a year in the spring, either with a thin liquid fertilizer or with the water used for rice wash.

Aloe Perfoliata

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